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All good things end. It’s not to say that marriage shouldn’t be treated as something absolutely exceptional - on the contrary. Unfortunately though, once we find the person we couldn’t imagine our life without, the amount of time that we can spend with our friends decreases noticeably. And that’s okay. During various stages of our lives, our focus should be placed on different things. With time, we evolve.

If only there was a way to symbolically bid farewell to our friends, right? Thankfully, there’s already a ritual that serves as a gateway to the next stage. Hen parties are not organized for the sheer debauchery. Instead, the intensity of the events is meant to remind how close the ties that connect all the participants are. This article will show you top 7 countries for a perfect hen party. Let’s go!


Beautiful beaches, handsome tanned men; animals that are hell-bent on killing you in extraordinary ways - Australia has it all for a perfect hen party. The abundance of sunlight will ensure that everyone in your group will be getting the D, vitamin D, that is. If you have no luck with the weather, though, you can try one of the hens night packages. Mischief is not the sole element of hen parties, but increasing its dosage will ensure that this night won’t be forgotten anytime soon. And let’s not lie to ourselves - if we decide to rely on the services of male strippers, there is no better choice than Australian ones.


Riga shouldn’t be considered a great hen party destination solely because the prices of alcohol are shockingly low, but that’s a really solid argument. Sure, Spanish beaches are enticing, but more aggressive activities can evoke more extreme emotions. If that’s your idea of fun, then you can see the post-soviet bunkers and fortifications. Would you rather shoot AK-47 at something? Not a problem. Are you not big on scary-looking things? If, after a night of drinking cheap vodka, you and your group feel like you’ve had enough, then maybe it's time to sweat out the alcohol. Do you know what makes us sweat the most? Fear. Water rafting or canoeing will bring you back to life and provide you with a variety of emotions.


The insane pace of our lives leads to a lot of stress. Warm beaches of Ibiza, vitamin D, and lots of interesting people - all of this can be found in Ibiza. If you want to go all-in, then this Spanish island is your best bet. If everyone in your group loves strong alcohol, dancing without end in sight, and doesn't know what “an embarrassing mistake” is, then don’t think twice. If you get bored of dancing (not likely) or feel exhausted after several days of constantly partying (likely), then you can hire a yacht and sail toward the horizon. Among hen party destinations, Ibiza is like a big sledgehammer - not very sophisticated, but it does the job.


If you want to let the excitement fill your veins, but being able to recall most of your trip is not something you would easily forgo, then Paris should be your go-to. Paris may be called “the city of love,” but it's home to many things. Do you want to taste the exquisite French cuisine, while getting drunk on French wine? Or maybe you are more interested in historical sites, museums and vibrant music scene? Even if you change your plans last minute, the chances are, you’ll be able to fulfill your plans without leaving Paris. That is unless you want to climb a volcano. No volcanoes there, unfortunately.


Amsterdam doesn’t need an introduction. It is known for its vigorous nightlife and partying with little to no limits. Of course, you can check out the coffee shops or stroll around the Red Lights District. Those are activities that certainly match the general nature of hen parties, but Amsterdam has much more to offer. There are beautiful canals, wonderful bike-routes, a myriad of wine tasting classes, and… Red Lights District. Okay, let’s be honest: it is likely that you won’t omit this famous attraction. Just remember to use your common sense. Or the remnants of it.

The ball is in your court now!

Organizing the ideal hen party is not an easy task. You can get wasted together with your friends in the bar down the street and have a great time; no one is questioning that. The thing is, hen parties are more than just a chance to do body shots off the incredibly sculpted bodies. Yeah, no one is complaining about that, but hen parties are an expression of true friendship. Whatever happens, whether dangerous, embarrassing or dangerous, will remain in the memory of the group forever and strengthen its bonds.

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