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Pune is a leading tourist destination in Maharashtra state of India which covers tourist attractions. The city is a popular one for its historical sites, beautiful hill stations, and leading educational institutions. Moreover, the place has many names that attract a lot of tourists from various parts of the world. It is one of the most liveable cities in Western region of India due to pleasant weather and other factors. There are many tourists who visit the place every year because of friendly people and unique places.

Tourists who want to plan a trip to the city should consider everything including hotels for meeting essential needs. The Best hotels near Pune airport offer excellent amenities for guests enabling them to enjoy a trip according to needs. Moreover, they allow tourists to schedule their trip with children, friends, and groups to ensure more pleasure. It is necessary to gather more information about hotels from different sources which can help focus more on a trip without any difficulties.

Interesting places to visit in Pune

1. Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada is a 286-year old mansion which was under the governance of Peshwa. Built in an area of 625 acres, it is becoming as one of the famous destinations in India. The place covers several forts, fountain, and other structures the never disappoint tourists while making a trip to the city. Moreover, it stands as a majestic historical structure which allows visitors to know the history of Peshwas in detail.

2. Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace in Pune is one of the historical landmarks in India. The palace is well-known for its architectural styles that create impacts on visitors. Apart from that, it even houses a museum which has a collection of rich pictures. It is the head office of the Gandhi National Memorial society now and khadi is still followed here. Visitors can even see the ashes and personal belongings of Mahatma Gandhi while making a trip to the palace.

3. Raja Dinakar Kelkar Museum

Raja Dinakar Kelkar Museum was established in 1962 which houses a fine collection of over 15,000 collectibles that allow tourists to explore several things at one place. The museum also hosted several exhibitions and artefacts. In addition, there is an exuberant replica called Mastani Mahal located in the Museum which has gorgeous paintings and other things.

4. Katraj Snake Park

The snake park located in Katraj, Pune is a grand zoo that has a collection of various snake species. Those who want to more about snakes can visit the park while making a trip to the city. There are there divisions located inside the park enabling tourists to explore animals and birds.

5. Bund Garden

Bund Garden is a well-maintained garden located in Pune city that has layouts filled with natural aura and verdant greenery. It is an ideal one for those who want to perform jogging exercises during the morning and evening hours. Furthermore, the garden allows tourists to relax their mind from hectic lifestyle. The garden is an excellent choice for planning a picnic with family and others to enjoy life in a peaceful environment.

Travel tips to Pune

1. Pune has different climatic patterns and visitors should evaluate them before planning a trip to the city. The best time to visit the city is from June to September and the winter is very active from November to February.

2. Although Marathi is the most spoken language in Pune, many people also speak Hindi and other languages.

3. The city is well-connected by airport, railway station, and road networks enabling tourists to choose the right one accordingly.

4. Tourists should pack clothes and other accessories that exactly suit winter and summer season to avoid discomforts.

5. Both domestic and international travellers should consider drinking bottled water instead of tap water for eliminating health risks effectively.

6. Visitors should bring the copies of important documents while making a visit to the city to get entry in important places.

7. It is advisable for tourists to follow the safety measures properly in the city to get more protection from potential risks.

8. The city has metro railway station and public transportation buses enabling tourists to reach important places as soon as possible.

9. Tourists should consider traveling to the city with a medical kit that can help to manage emergency medical conditions.

10. Pune is well-known for its night life because there many pubs and night clubs located in important junctions allowing visitors to ensure high level enjoyment.

11. The city has popular restaurants and visitors can know more about them in detail to enjoy delicious meals with others.

12. Visitors can install taxi, food and other apps on their smartphones while planning a trip to the city.

13. It is advisable for tourists to take care of their personal belongings when traveling in crowed places.

14. Visitors should consider wearing ethnic outfits when they like to visit religious places in the city.

15. It is advisable not to travel alone in remote areas during the night for eliminating thefts and other problems.

Where to stay in Pune?

The hotels in Pune offer different types of packages for guests and they can select the best one which fit their bills and requirements. Most of them cover modern amenities for guests enabling them to enjoy a trip in outstanding environment.

Tourists can book hotels near Pune airport because they are very close to important places enabling tourists to save more time. However, it is necessary to evaluate them with special attention before reserving them. Travelers who want to book hotels online should select a reputed hotel website that can help to make a memorable trip. It is possible to compare the prices of hotels online that allow tourists to select them at estimated budgets. At the same time, it is imperative to make a complete research on the packages in detail before booking a hotel. This will help a lot to schedule a trip at discounted prices to save more money.

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