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We all know that planning a trip abroad requires a lot of money to be paid upfront, from travel to the airport to the flight tickets, potential upgrades, money spent at the airport, accommodation, and emergencies…it all adds up. But have you considered how much money you're going to need whilst you're at your destination?

From your travel money to your activities, food and drink, souvenirs and anything you want to treat yourself to. While it's difficult to know how much money you’re going to need specifically whilst abroad, it is possible to make an appropriate guess. You could also overestimate the amount you’ll need and then save money whilst you’re travelling, therefore permanently keeping yourself in the black whilst overseas.

Want to know more? Read on for how you can save money whilst on the road.

Find a cheaper way to transfer money overseas

Want to send money back home? Or you want to pay for your activities or accommodation in advance? Sending money overseas can be hugely expensive, taking a huge chunk out of your travel fund before you've even set foot on the aeroplane. Luckily, there are ways you can send money abroad without breaking the bank - click here for 5 Cheaper Ways to Transfer Money Overseas.

Look for free activities abroad

You want to make the most of your time overseas and that means engaging in as many activities as possible. From guided tours and hikes to water sports, horseback riding, even dining at world-famous restaurants. Engaging in some of these activities is great, but your money won't last long. Try to include some free activities in your stay to keep costs under control. Search free walking tours, or consider attending free festivals.

Don’t always choose the best room

Travelling for a few months doesn’t always mean sharing a hostel bathroom. You can opt for a basic but clean, comfortable and private hotel room whilst still enjoying the experience. Avoid blowing your budget on an expensive room, especially if you’re only using it as somewhere to sleep and wash. Something simple will do the trick!

Eat away from tourist traps

You’ll find an abundance of restaurants, cafes and kiosks surrounding those world-famous tourist traps. And the prices will always be inflated. If you want to save money – and probably enjoy better food – look for somewhere to eat a few streets away instead. Your bank balance will thank you!

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