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As we continue to self-isolate we are now seeing light at the end of the tunnel. With talks of travel restrictions lifting in the not too distant future, but the need for social distancing to still be in place, there is in fact the perfect destination for secluded and socially distanced holidays once we’re allowed back overseas.

The Islands of Tahiti have always been a secluded destination, with only ever a small number of visitors, it could have been considered a location for social distancing long before the phase become part of our daily vocabulary. The Islands of Tahiti are made of 118 islands dotted all over the Pacific with each islands boasting its own unique characteristics. From cloud top mountains, breathtaking lagoons to low-lying barely there coral atolls, one factor that unites it all is being completely untouched and overcrowded.

As we’ve been seeing many before and after photos of some of the world’s greatest tourist attractions and the stark difference a lack of human presence can make, one destination that has lacked such change is The Islands of Tahiti. You may be amazed to see the difference isn’t so major but the stunning scenery, crystal clear water and the magical feeling of mana continues to radiate around each island, even without its usual visitors.

Whilst most typical holiday hot spots are filled with accommodation used solely as a basis for exploring, you will be surprised to learn that accommodation in Tahiti often takes centre stage. From overwater bungalows surrounded by crystal clear water to pensions or guesthouses that allow you live as the Tahitians do, being surrounded by others is no issue. Tahitian accommodation is the definition of complete isolation with the need for sharing virtually non-existent.

No holiday is complete without activities or lack-of, and with Tahiti arguably being one of the most magnificent, un-touched places on earth, battling it out with other tourists, long lines and general overcrowding is absent. Exploring untouched mountains, swimming in the privacy of a lagoon or sailing on a private catamaran around the islands rules out human interaction and makes for arguably one of the safest yet best holiday destinations one could want.

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