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  • Written by Karen Perry,

Is your bad back, dodgy elbow or creaky wrist getting in the way of grey nomad adventures? Rest assured, you don’t have to leave the road behind... In fact, there's a simple solution for camping enthusiasts who aren't as sprightly as they used to be. 

Hydraulic roof lifters are game-changers in the industry and yet they are highly underrated. Most people don't realise you can install a hydraulic pop-top camper to handle the heavy lifting. 

Whether you have physical limits or you're a solo traveller, lifting the camper roof is often more challenging than expected. Now, you can put the broom away – you don't need to struggle with a long poking device to get the job done! It’s time to embrace this underrated hybrid camper feature.

Enter The Hydraulic Roof Lifter 

With the click of just one button, the compressor will do all the hard work to raise your roof, so you don't have to mess around with it. No fuss – and more importantly, no discomfort or pain. Once the airbags are fully inflated, just flip the switch again to turn off the compressor, and presto – it's done! 

According to JAWA campers expert Karen, you can't afford to overlook the benefits of roof assist airbags. 

"Who hasn't had a bad back or shoulder at some point? A camper is a major lifestyle investment; you don't want to downgrade your entire lifestyle just because your back's acting up,” she says.  “These are 100% pure Australian designs and are fitted at our Sunshine Coast site. They're built to last, much better than the average back!"

A Worthwhile Investment

If you are investing in a new camper, roof lifters should be a no-brainer. The ease of use this provides beats an aching back after roof lifting struggles. Or the frustration and pain of struggling with a heavy roof when you're already experiencing pain or stiff joints. The last thing anyone wants is to end a trip early due to an injury that could have been avoided.

You can also have roof lifters retrofitted if you already own your camper but want to enjoy the benefits of hydraulic pop-top campers. Roof assist airbags also make your camper an attractive prospect if you decide to sell, whether it's to upgrade or downsize. It's worth considering the types of add-ons that would increase the resale value of your camper.

You don’t need to be stressed at the prospect of raising the roof when you reach your destination. The only lifting you should be concerned with is raising your finger to flick a switch – and perhaps raising a glass to the camping lifestyle you love so much.

About the Author

Karen Perry, co-owner of the family run business JAWA Off Road Campers, is favourite on the shop floor and on tour at the caravan and camping shows. Karen brings her passion for her family and for camping with her “to the office” everyday and it is that nurturing passion that helps keep all the business cogs running smoothly, and brings a distinctive flare to some of the innovations in the design of their off road campers – making them friendly for people of all ages. When she is not busy on the job, Karen can be found indulging in her enjoyment of camping with her immediate and extended JAWA family – and sharing that passion with other families to “Journey Australia With Attitude”: get outdoors, explore, and spend quality time together making memories.

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