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As a business owner, you have to be strategic about how you’ll be able to reach your target market. That is why entrepreneurs implement various marketing tactics to reach their goals. With today’s generation heavily relying on the Internet, it’s no surprise why almost all business owners pay special attention to digital marketing.

Digital marketing is not just putting up a website, making it live, and creating social media pages for your business. It requires a lot of work just so results will be visible. One of its many forms is search engine optimization (SEO). An “SEO placement guarantee“ makes sure that your website will land on the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs). This will bring your business a lot of advantages!

What a Good SEO Services Company Can Do for Your Business

You may have second thoughts about spending money for an SEO placement guarantee service, most especially if you’re just starting your business. But you shouldn’t feel that way because, in reality, you’re doing your business a favor if you hire a trusted SEO company. Just take a look at these benefits that your business can gain when you partner up with a skilled SEO agency:

Improved Search Engine Rankings

SEO companies have the necessary tools and strategies to make sure your website will appeal to search engines. Not only can they help you with targeting the right keywords for your website, but they also make sure that it’s optimized for search engine crawlers. All the work they do is geared to helping your website secure a position at the top of the SERPs.

Brand Awareness

Your placement on the SERPs has a lot to say about your business. When your site is included on the first pages, you are recognized as an authority in your niche. People are then more likely to check on your business than those that are on the next pages. Investing in SEO agencies can have a huge impact on establishing your brand online.

Quality Website Traffic

The application of SEO best practices will bring more relevant traffic to your website. SEO companies can conceptualize a customized strategy for your website to achieve this. And if it’s effective, you’ll gain traffic, plus the chance to increase leads and conversions.

More Potential Customers

Gaining quality traffic means you get to grow your customer base. An optimized website brings more customers and is believed to produce an average of 14.6% conversion rate. With the help of SEO experts, your business can soon get these ratings as well.

Measurable Results

SEO can be tracked and measured throughout the process. This means that SEO companies can deliver an analytics report of how your website is doing and how their team can adjust their efforts so your website can further improve. This data aims to check for the website’s traffic volume, search engine position, and more. It allows you to see if you’re getting a return on your investment.

How to Know the Best SEO Company to Hire

Websites need SEO in order to achieve better rankings online. While you can get tips on the net about SEO, it’s still recommended to have an expert do the job for you. An SEO services company has a team of professionals who can handle all aspects related to SEO. Plus, leaving the task to them means you get to concentrate on your most important task—running your business.

There are a lot of firms that offer guaranteed search engine optimization services today, so you may want to weigh your options first before hiring one of them. Here are some tips on how to spot the best SEO company:


Companies that are on the lookout for potential candidates always check for experience. This is to gauge if a candidate is capable of doing what the job entails. This also applies when you’re looking for an SEO service provider. A lot of agencies will claim to be masters in the field. However, do they have the evidence to back up such a claim?

Case Studies and Client Examples

You may want to ask that SEO company you’re consulting for some case studies or examples of websites they have optimized in the past. Check if these sample websites are still making good progress. Ask for case studies for sites that have similar goals to yours. 

Deep Level of SEO Knowledge

As mentioned earlier, SEO is not just about traffic or rankings. A company offering an SEO placement guarantee encompasses a broad scope of services, including keyword research, content creation, internal and external linking, mobile-first design, and a whole lot more. During your interview with them, you should be able to tell how deeply they understand SEO. It’s also important to establish what service you most especially need so that you know what to expect from them.


It can be easy to get overwhelmed with SEO since it has a lot of components. That is why it’s crucial to choose a company that can communicate clearly with you. Their team should be able to explain all of their terms or plans in detail and in a way that you can understand. This allows you to make sure that you know where your allocated budget is going.

Beyond SEO

Although traffic and rankings are primary performance indicators in the world of SEO, you should still take a look if their previous clients have been able to increase sales and conversions with their help. Choose an SEO company that carries a proven track record of helping businesses improve sales percentage. After all, isn’t conversion one of the main goals of any business?

Proper Planning

The truth is—no matter how professional or experienced someone is in SEO, results may still vary. That is why, when consulting SEO companies, you need to know what their plan of action is regarding your concerns. You also need to be clear on your part by sharing your goals early on so that their team will know what SEO services with results will be suitable for you.

SEO Best Practices

Search engines regularly roll out updates for their algorithms. And if your website doesn’t adhere to their standards, it might experience a drop in rankings on the SERPs. Trusted SEO companies stay up to date with these guidelines so that they can adjust accordingly.

Red Flags to Avoid

Unfortunately, there are also SEO companies that fail to fulfill their promises. Working with them will not only waste your time and effort, but, worse, it can also get your website penalized. Remember these warning signs to avoid such SEO service providers:

Guaranteed Instant Success

Yes, applying SEO techniques can make your website more visible online. However, no one can guarantee the success of the results overnight. Be careful of companies offering such promises as they may be using black-hat SEO or practices violating the terms of services of search engines.

Secret Tactics

The SEO agency you’re communicating with should be clear about what strategies they will use for your website. They should be transparent about their plans and not proceed with an action that hasn’t been discussed with you. You also need to watch out for the techniques they use and check if they are deceptive or not.

Pre-Packaged Price

The SEO requirements of each organization differ; hence, you cannot simply put a simple price bracket on the services. If the company doesn’t talk to you about your goals and just lays down how much their packages are, then consider this a red flag. The best SEO company is willing to take their time to listen to your needs and come up with a comprehensive plan on how to meet them.

Low Cost

Cheap SEO packages may seem appealing, but there is a risk involved with them. It takes time to see the results of SEO. It would be suspicious if the SEO company only charges a few bucks for something that involves a lot of processes and time.

Negative Reviews

There is no perfect SEO company. Every agency may have already received a negative review now and then. You can still give the agency a chance by asking them directly how they handled the cases discussed in these reviews. But you still need to do background research. If the negative reviews outweigh the positive ones, then that can be considered a warning sign.

Long-Term Contracts

Unreliable SEO companies will lure you into signing a long-term contract with them. This shouldn’t be the case because SEO constantly changes. A single strategy will not work for a long time because SEO is unpredictable. Companies are responsible for making changes here and there to make sure your website still has good rankings. A good length of a contract ranges from half a year to a full year at most.

Final Thoughts

If you want your business to have a strong digital presence, SEO is the solution. It can make your website rank higher in search engines, increase your website traffic, attract more customers, and generate more revenue. Results may take some time, but if done by an SEO expert, you'll be sure to be reaping its benefits for a long time.

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