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The Movie industry has become so popular and getting larger; this is so evident in how China, Korea, and Japan are dishing out world-class and very historical movies. The production of movies has a lot of input, but one glaring area is the use of beauty products.

Actors and actresses regularly appear on the screen, and there is a great need to make themselves presentable to the viewers. They largely make use of beauty products such as HD foundations and concealers, loose, translucent setting powder, and lip tints to create the magical effect you see in movies.

Just looking at the skincare sector alone, it has been projected to generate about $177 billion in 2025. Also, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for approximately 43% of the global market in 2020.

The most interesting thing about this statistic is that it’s based on online marketing. Dropshipping, as an online marketing strategy, has a lot to gain from this and the movie industry can also capitalize on this to enhance the availability of beauty products for actors and actresses.

What is dropshipping?

As an order fulfillment method, dropshipping does not involve keeping stock of products it sells. The drop shipper only purchases products from a manufacturer, wholesaler, or even another retailer and gets a third party to ship the products to buyers.

Dropshipping does not involve actual coming in contact with products; the packaging and shipping are mostly handled by a third party. Quite unlike the standard retail model, the drop shipper only acts as a middleman and does not stock or own inventory.

Though most drop shippers don’t participate in the actual shipping of products, HyperSKU, which is a dropshipping agency, takes the further step of adding shipping of products into its activities and even boasts of delivering products between 7-12 days.

What the drop shipper needs is a functional computer and internet; once these two are in place, you have virtually started your dropshipping business. However, you need to have a website that mainly serves as your store.

Your website is where you display the different types of products you offer; incidentally, you can now easily build your website without coding. The website allows you to compete and keep pace with other resellers.

You absolutely need to have a digital presence and your website guarantees that. You must not see your website as an ordinary sales tool; it’s a means of sending vital information to your client base.

You need the website to also enable product reviews from customers; as you don’t need to have a large workforce, your website is the first place of contact with potential customers rather than a physical customer service section.

Benefits of dropshipping beauty products

While we cannot say that beauty products are exclusive to the movie industry, actors and actresses rely on beauty products such as Visine original eye drops, Parian spirit, and cinema secrets ultimate powder blush to enhance the glowing and poreless complexions we see in the movies. Hence, if you decide to embark on dropshipping beauty products targeting the movie industry, you stand to reap the following benefits.

1. Availability of a broad range of products

With dropshipping, you are not limited by space; this opens up more product opportunities for you. If you run a traditional retailing business, you must need a warehouse or physical infrastructure to display your products, and this can only contain a particular number of products based on the space you can afford to acquire.

What you need for dropshipping is to maintain a functioning website where you display a broad range of products and offer them for sale.

2. Little or no inventory management

Dropshipping does not involve keeping any form of inventory unless you decide to go out of your way to better satisfy your customers. This may be in the area of tracking or getting involved in shipping, which, ordinarily, you should outsource to a third party.

If you don’t participate in any of these, you completely eliminate any physical inventory or the expected overhead, and this, in turn, increases your overall return on investment (ROI).

3. Minimal startup costs

There is no business you want to set up that will not involve some form of financial input, but dropshipping does not need you to invest capital into acquiring a physical infrastructure or inventory. You, however, need to purchase or hire a computer and also afford internet if you are in a place where you can’t freely access the internet.

The financial implications of hiring labor to fulfill orders and the time you expend to achieve this are not needed in drop shipping; you have what we can refer to as a low barrier to entry. Dropshipping is a line of business you can embark on with very low startup costs; since you will have to depend on the internet and do a lot of email marketing, you must be prepared from the onset to tackle the menaces threat actors may pose through phishing and other related cybercrimes.

4. Flexibility

Dropshipping can be equated to a flexible way of operating a retail business. What do you need to run a business that you can operate from the comforts of your bedroom?

What do you say about your ability to offer assorted types of products? Have you given a thought to the ease of changing your offerings if there are changing demands in the market?

If these do not confer flexibility to the dropshipping business, nothing else will.

5. Scalability

Dropshipping is a business that you can easily scale up; although you don’t need much to start the business, you can readily increase the volume of your business transactions. The most important thing is to have the necessary client base.

However, this requires putting a great effort into your marketing campaigns; as you may still not have the financial resources to do a whole all-out marketing campaign, you may have to rely on the reach of the different social media platforms. Also, the landing page of your website will play a vital role in informing customers about your products.

Customer conversion is of great importance since your client base determines what profit you make at the end. Another factor that easily brings about scalability in the dropshipping business is that you don’t need a large physical location or workforce to fulfill orders.


We do know that beauty products are not exclusive to the movie industry, dating back to thousands of years ago, but they greatly enhance the appearances of actors and actresses, hence this group of people heavily rely on the effects of beauty products. Anybody who wants to focus on beauty products and targets the movie industry while embarking on dropshipping will be taking a good step.

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