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Nowadays, making your site visible on searching engines is one of the most important goals in order to attract customers to your business.

Having a website that can’t be found within the first page of Google results it seriously diminishes its functionality, since most of us only pay attention to the four or five first results brought by search engines.

Thus, positing your website on searching engines is crucial and that is the reason why investing in a link building agency is critical when working on your business visibility and attracting customers.

Fortunately, there are many companies available in the market that offer link building services at affordable prices. The Argentine link building agency Contenido Patrocinado is a leading company in Latin America that has a long trajectory on outsourcing content for customers around the world.

If you are looking for a way to improve your business website, read below to learn more about link building and which are the most affordable options to improve your ranking on search engines.

What is link building?

Internet prompted marketing to evolve, developing new techniques adapted to the novel ways of communicating and interacting created by the net. Digital marketing came as a response to the growing popularity of the internet and the many options it offered to improve sales.

Link building is one of techniques developed by digital marketing in response to search engines development. Nowadays, accessing to internet contents is mainly done through search engines. We are not used to type and entire URL address when we want to visit a site. Instead, we are very much used to type two or three keywords in Google and wait for a list of results to come in order to pick the one that we are looking for.

Therefore, making your business site take the first places within the results of search engines is crucial in order to attract visitors to it and thus sales to your business. But how can your website improve its place in the ranking? Is there a way to help your site become more visible or it is just a matter of popularity?

The answer is that, even though many people believe that websites that appear first as results brought by a search engine are the most popular ones, the truth is that most of them got its position through a link building strategy.

Let’s review how search engine works in order to better understand this. Search engines are programmed through algorithms and, one of the parameters used by algorithms to determine a site relevance is through internal and external. For example, if your site is linked within your own site (internal link) or by another site or social media posts (external links), algorithms will interpret that your content is valuable and arrange it within the firsts results to improve its visibility.

Link building agencies create content related to your business and publish them in reputable websites, such as digital news websites. For example, if you sell shoes and will like to improve your website visibility, they will create articles related to your market and introduce a link to your site in order to improve its position within search engine results.

Outsourcing link building services

Link building services work globally. Nowadays, it is quite common to hire a link building agency from a different country than your business, mainly because it is cheaper than hiring a local one.

There are many link building agencies located in countries with less strong currencies than United States dollar. As a result, hiring a link building agency from Latin America or India becomes much more affordable, making accessible for small business that wouldn’t be able to invest in this kind of services otherwise.

When hiring a foreign link building agency, it is important to know whether the country has any experience in providing English-based services. In this sense, Latin America has a long trajectory in the field, with many multinational companies choosing countries for the region to install their call centers and other related services provided to US customers.

Top 5 link building agencies in Latin America

Below, there is a list of the most important link building agencies in Latin American according to its trajectory and results. Many of them are Argentine link building agency since this is one of the countries that provides the best services in the region

  1. Contenido Patrocinado

Contenido Patrocinado is the most important Argentine link building agency and one of the leading agencies in the region. It works with more than 2000 sites around the world, mainly news portals, online newspapers and blogs within which sponsored contents can be published in order to create external links to your website.

Contenido patrocinado works with native copywriters for Spanish, Portuguese and English and advice customers on which strategy is best according to their needs and budget.

  1. UpLisboa

Located in Argentina, this is a small thus quite professional company specialized in link building, with real sites and an organic methodology which ensures the best impact with no risk.

UpLisboa has been in the business for more than a decade and has so far worked in the building of 2164 links of customers from all around the world that are willing to rank their business within Latin America region.

  1. Link Building LATAM

Even though Link Building LATAM is a new company, it has rapidly gained popularity within customers for its excellence.

Its user-friendly interface allows customers to easily request a service in a few minutes, without any specialized knowledge on the subject. Also, the website allows customers to follow their request and analyze the live impact of the implemented strategy.

  1. Punto rojo

With offices in Argentina, Chile, México, Perú, Colombia and the United States, Punto Rojo is the most important Link Building marketplace in the region.

Punto Rojo specializes in facilitating access to links of sites in which your content can be published in order to improve your business visibility.

  1. Los creativos

Located in Colombia, Los Creativos is one of the most important marketing companies in the country, operating with customers from all over the world.

So far, Los Creativos has developed more than 500.000 URL and designed sites that have more than 6.000.000 organic visitors per month.

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