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Recently, BYD has been generating significant buzz with the launch of its two new stores in Melbourne and Sydney, revealing some exciting developments. Notably, BYD’s Chairman, Wang Chuanfu, graced these locations with his presence, soon after which the operators of these stores were unveiled: Harmony Auto, a prestigious car dealership group from China. This introduction marks the first time a Chinese dealership has entered BYD’s Australian network, bringing a unique approach to their operations.

Wang Chuanfu Visits New BYD Stores Consecutively

On April 3, Wang Chuanfu conducted a thorough inspection of a new BYD store located beneath the iconic Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Melbourne. The very next day, he attended the pre-opening ceremony of another BYD store in Haberfield, Sydney, where he personally inaugurated the establishment.

Images and videos shared by ceremony guests on social media depict Mr. Wang dedicating considerable time at both sites, closely examining the setup and operations of the new outlets. In Sydney, he further underscored his commitment by presenting the store with a personally signed authorization plaque.

Chinese Dealerships Make Their Mark in the Australian BYD Market

As the founder of BYD Group, Wang Chuanfu is a familiar face at the openings of BYD stores across Australia. These two new stores are particularly noteworthy as they are operated by China Harmony Auto Holding Limited , a recent entrant to the Australian market.

Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Harmony Auto manages a portfolio of globally renowned luxury brands in China, including Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, BMW, and Lexus. As per its latest annual report, since 2023, Harmony has been a BYD dealer, managing over ten BYD stores across various Asia-Pacific regions, including China, Cambodia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Australia, with further expansion plans.

Recently, Chinese new energy vehicles have shown remarkable growth in the Australian market. In 2023, BYD emerged as the second-largest brand in new energy vehicle sales in Australia, second only to Tesla. The strong presence and vitality of these Chinese brands have garnered significant attention. Until now, all BYD dealerships in Australia were locally based; this marks the first appearance of a Chinese dealership. What notable contributions can we expect from this new entrant?

What Innovations Will the New BYD Stores Introduce?

Based on the current developments, the two new stores operated by Harmony Auto certainly stand out for their distinctive features. First and foremost, both stores are situated in exceptionally prime locations.

The new Melbourne store is strategically positioned beneath the iconic 80-story Ritz-Carlton Hotel, adjacent to Melbourne’s busiest transport hub, the Southern Cross railway station. This vibrant area is bustling with high-end commercial spaces, prominent office buildings, and upscale residential developments. Perfectly suited for an urban showroom, this prime location enjoys extensive foot traffic and attracts a highly desirable demographic of potential customers, making it an ideal setting for showcasing innovations.

Conversely, the Sydney store is located in Haberfield, a prominent automotive sales hub encircled by major car brands, upscale residential spaces, and vibrant commercial districts. This location benefits from a substantial Chinese community, providing a robust potential customer base.

Both stores exemplify exceptional standards in their presentation. The newly opened Sydney store, a standalone facility, spans an impressive 3,000 square meters with a built-up area of 1,600 square meters. It serves as a fully integrated 4S shop, combining vehicle sales, delivery, maintenance, spare parts, and information services under one roof, providing a comprehensive and seamless customer experience.

The decor of these stores embodies BYD’s commitment to green technology and innovation, featuring sleek design lines, structured lighting, and expansive LED walls, offering a futuristic ambiance comparable to high-end car showrooms like Mercedes and BMW in Sydney.

The Melbourne city showroom also leverages extensive LED wall technology and boasts a high, 6-meter ceiling with a street-facing glass facade that prominently showcases BYD models to pedestrians.

The strategic choice of locations and superior aesthetic experience offered by the two new BYD stores operated by Harmony Auto have captivated local consumers with a fresh and engaging perspective. Yet, it is the quality of service that consumers value the most. Both stores are slated to open officially in the near future. With its extensive background in managing luxury and ultra-luxury vehicles, this seasoned Chinese dealership is set to redefine the service standards for BYD customers in Australia. We are keenly anticipating the unveiling of these services.

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