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New luxury lifestyle magazine Winning will officially launch on Monday 3rd June. The brainchild of entrepreneur John Winning, the premium luxury lifestyle magazine celebrates all aspects of inspired living.


Winning is a quarterly, 160-page print magazine targeting women and men with an appreciation of quality lifestyle and design, in and out of the home. Driven by John Winning’s

pioneering spirit and passion to create memorable experiences, Winning magazine will cover news and features centred around the home, food, wine, travel, fashion, motoring, technology, health and wellness, and much more.


Winning will be available in over 2,500 newsagents nationally, with plans to offer subscriptions next month.


The launch of Winning will be supported by a marketing campaign including airport display advertisements in Sydney, and strong newsagent support in terms of point of sale promotions, as well as a mass media advertising campaign.


Winning’s Editor is renowned Australian journalist Katarina Kroslakova, who has earned her place as an authority on curating luxury experiences. The former Editor of the Australian Financial Review’s Life & Leisure and Luxury magazines, now Managing Director of content creation agency Primary Ideas, Editor of Maserati’s Il Tridente magazine and Harper’s Bazaar Motoring Columnist, brings a vivacious, informative and honest style that encapsulates the modern luxury lifestyle.


Joining John and Katarina on Winning is a team of passionate regular contributors who will share the latest and greatest lifestyle stories.


Winning Editor Katarina Kroslakova says:Winning Magazine is a project very close to my heart, and one I’m so excited to be able to share. Our inaugural issue is called The Joy Edition, which really sets the tone for what Winning is all about.


“As we become more stressed, isolated, overwhelmed, and over-worked, we come to value the things that matter most – and for many, these things are nostalgic. Regardless of how many Chanel jackets we own, or how many five-star hotels we’ve stayed at, it’s our life experiences which define us and our memories that bring us joy.


“As Editor, I see an incredible opportunity with Winning to deliver content that resonates with readers and nurture the expanding conscious consumerism we see happening in Australia.


“Consumers are caring more about the companies behind the label; the social, environmental and political impacts of their purchases – and to meet that demand, Winning will embrace a new kind of luxury - a neo-luxury associated with conscious consumerism and higher purpose.


“This means we’ll be showcasing more eco-friendly lifestyle options, ethical products and organisations and soul-nurturing content to reflect our audience’s growing respect and appreciation of craftsmanship, materials, and enterprise.


“The way audiences consume media today has changed. We simply don’t have time to buy and browse all our favourite publications, and with more evidence saying we should minimise time on devices, we no longer absorb the online avalanche of information. So, with Winning magazine, we’ve brought together every element of luxury living in one carefully curated print publication.


“We can’t wait to share with readers our selection of stories, objects, ideas, journeys, and places to inspire, surprise, and nourish.”


Winning Publisher John Winning discusses the concept of luxury redefined, as celebrating inspired living, both in home and on adventures.


“From a young age I was taught by my parents that working hard is a foundation for life not because it will afford you things, but because it makes you appreciate things. So what is luxury today? Like many people, time outside my professional life is precious. So when I do have time to pursue experiences, I want to know the where, what and how to spend it in a way that will elevate, evolve and challenge me.


“For me, luxury is life’s pursuit to make the everyday exceptional, exhilarating and timeless. Each issue of Winning will inspire readers to create remarkable moments, whether that’s reimagining the ritual of breakfast, creating entertaining memories outdoors, or knowing where to take your sailing adventure in the Mediterranean.


“We are honoured to have Katarina, who is an absolute authority on lifestyle and luxury, at the helm of Winning. Under Katarina’s creative direction, each quarter the magazine will showcase a curated selection of novel home and life experiences to awaken the senses.”


Winning’s first edition explores the topics that are important to lovers of a quality lifestyle, from kitchen design trends such as internal barbecues and built-in cocktail bars, the latest in fashion including wearable art and collectable watches, the world’s best green holiday destinations, to living mindfully and practicing self-care.


The launch issue also divulges the best gins and vintage champagnes, how to eat like a Venetian, examines the ground-breakers of the luxury SUV market, plus interviews with experts and visionaries including 2019 Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning Japanese architect Arata Isozaki and celebrity chef Rick Stein.


Winning Magazine Key Details:

Launch date: Monday 3rd June, 2019

Frequency: Quarterly

Price: $14.95

Available at: Newsagents and Winning Appliances retail stores nationally, plus soon to be available via subscription.

Contact Editor Katarina Kroslakova at Primary Ideas: kk@primaryideas.com.au or Level 26, 44 Market Street, Sydney


For further information on Winning Magazine, go to: winningmagazine.com.au or Instagram: @winning_mag 

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