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  • Written by Milan Patel

Here is a checklist of Australian partner visa – subclass 820 & 801!

Submit immigration authority of Australia with genuine relationship documents of your de facto relationship. Sponsor your partner by lodging a Partner Visa (temporary)—subclass 820 application. These crucial pieces of evidence support applicants like you who are offshore applicants.

Unlike offshore ones, tens and thousands of individuals stand in the queue to clear several processes involving their Australian Partner Visa (temporary - subclass 820 & permanent – subclass 801) applications. Every year, the country’s government receives these applications with every visa process appearing tedious and lengthy. Offshore ones, on the contrary, benefit from these prominent visas.

It takes nearly two years for individuals to be eligible for a permanent visa grant after a temporary visa. But first, they have to file the subclass 820 application by providing documentation details consisting of legal requirements.

How subclass 820 works

You are in Australia. On a substantive visa, you can apply for a subclass 820 visa. The substantive visa helps married and de facto relationship holders. Enlisted are specific guidelines for every applicant to follow—

* Ensure you provide marriage certificate and registration certificate proofs

* Show how committed the relationship with your partner is. Provide a solid foundation so that you apply as a genuine applicant

* Follow some procedures before applying for Permanent Residency

* If your relationship at the time of lodgment is less than three years, the immigration department will be accessing your application for 820 provisional stage.

Here you are granted—

a. Full work rights

b. Multiple reentry

c. Access to Medicare

It will be a 2-stage process. After two years, you can lodge your application where you can be eligible for 801 Permanent Residency stage.

Unlike offshore applicants, onshore individuals have to wait longer due to lengthy delays and the sheer volume of applications that are processed. However, the department assesses your relationship based on your genuineness and if you provided them with health and character requirements.

There is also a waiver you get based on the circumstances. Processing time of Australian spouse visa is usually 12 to 18 months for every applicant to receive their subclass 820 visa grant. Such a story unfolds even for those entitled for subclass 801 visa grant.

Despite several procedures involved, it takes months for the paperwork to head for completion before forwarding the authorities with the first application. Practically speaking, you have to bear in mind partner visa checklist before applying for temporary visa 820 and permanent visa 801. These include—

* Plan visa process in advance

Start the visa process in advance. It takes three months for you to download the entire form and submit the required pieces of evidence. It is part of the paperwork. You should not take things for granted even if you apply from Australia. You should not delay as the deadline approaches; otherwise, it will give you unnecessary stress.

* The paper application form is different

Download paper version form or online form. Stick to the correct method. You have to provide every answer mentioned in the draft. Every form type is different, and you cannot afford to write short answers. Preplan is the best approach that will enhance the quality. If you follow one version, stick to it from beginning to end.

* Provide all identify documents

It is advisable for you and your partner to submit a copy of the birth certificate or identification documents. Get it verified from some immigration expert.

* Police verification is mandatory

If you have stayed in a particular country for over a year, it is necessary for you to provide a police certificate. You can attach required documents of the specific country.

* Family details

Double check on facts. Even if the list mentions parents, siblings, stepparents, and half-siblings, ensure you provide correct information. Write the full name and exact date of birth details. You can also submit details of your partner, partner’s family and mention the wedding dates as part of the online form.

* De facto relationship

If you are in a de facto relationship, you have to show a committed relationship of over 12 months. If you have been living together for over a year, rental agreements and utility bills are more than sufficient. Submit joint travel tickets, bank account proofs, joint statements, communication, and photocopies as well.

* Social life proofs

Social life proofs are solid pieces of evidence. It includes your joint travel documents comprising joint invitations, joint memberships especially to gyms/clubs and joint mails. Collect these items before applying them.

* Submit photographs

Support your application by including pictures of you and your partner attending family and social functions. Add captions in the document you are attaching.

* Show finances

Provide necessary financial statements of household duties and domestic arrangements.

* Relationship legitimacy

Testimonials of two Australian citizens are essential at this stage. You should provide proofs of you as well as your partner. In other words, it acts as your relationship legitimacy.

* Bridging visas

Be granted with a Bridging Visa while you are in Australia. Make online application. Applicants are allowed to work, but it does not permit them to travel.

* Apply online

Ensure you complete the online form and pay the requisite fee. It will enable you to navigate to the page where you can upload necessary proofs. The page has several categories mentioning different pieces of evidence. You can upload them based on the checklist. If the PDF files along with images are massive, you can separate them into various folders.

* Fees

In case you are applying from Australia, you have to spend $7000 on a de-facto partner visa application.

* Ask for help

If you are stuck with any query, you can consult the Australian Department of Home Affairs before processing your visa application. Bridging visas come into effect particularly at the time of expiry of a substantive visa.


In a nutshell, both subclasses have their standard operating procedures for visa applicants to follow. It depends on the visa type you choose, duration and purpose hence maintaining a proper checklist. A lot of documentation work is necessary before submitting your visa application in the stipulated time.

If you are stuck with visa queries entailing your visa procedures, approach our highly influential team of immigration and education consultants in Australia.

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