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Snoring is a disruptive habit that can cause your sleep or your partner’s sleep to be disturbed every night. This audible disturbance is caused by air being unable to move freely through the nasal and oral passage while the body is sleeping. When the air is trapped due to the blocked airways of the oral passageway, the surrounding soft tissues of the muscles vibrate thus causing the snoring sound. Snoring can also be an indicator of other underlying health issues like excessive weight gain, sleep apnea, obstructed nasal passageway and straining of the heart.

Experiencing interrupted sleep may cause damage to your health as your body needs fitful sleep to rejuvenate. Snoring can prevent you from having the rest you require; snoring can cause you be in an endless cycle of exhaustion and this can actually negatively impact your physical and mental health. There are remedies you can look into to solve your snoring issues and get back to your healthier sleeping routine.

1. Change Your Sleeping Position

A simple and easy remedy that you can try immediately is to change your sleeping position to improve your breathing during sleep. Try to use extra pillows or elevation to ease the passageway of the mouth so the airflow can be improved to help the neck muscles to relax and not cause the vibration at the back of your throat. A back sleeper has a higher chance of snoring due the position of tongue when you sleep on your back; changing your sleeping position to the side can perhaps improve the position of your tongue and your breathing resulting in solving your snoring problem.

2. Try An Anti-Snoring Device

There are many anti-snoring devices that are available for purchase to help snorers to get improved sleep and you have many choices to choose from like chinstraps, mouthpieces and nasal strips. Anti-snoring devices are generally designed to keep the tongue in place and to push the lower jaw slightly forward to improve your breathing to stop the vibrations that cause snoring.

One of the better anti-snoring device is the Smart Nora Snoring Solution, which is a snoring solution that does not require contact with your body (as there’s no need to physically place anything on your body). The Smart Nora Snoring Solution is definitely something you should check out if you are looking for an option which helps you remain sleeping comfortably and which has no side effects.

Some anti-snoring devices can be pricey but if you can find a type of device that can suit your comfortability then it is very possible to get an affordable and functional device to curb the snoring.

3. Lose Weight

If you have gained weight and noticed that your snoring issue started after your weight gain, it’s very probable that is the root cause of your snoring issue. You might have to consider to lose the weight you have gained to remedy the snoring issue and losing weight can be beneficial in more than one way for your body. Changing your lifestyle and adopting healthier eating habits and excising can help with your overall health and when you start to lose weight the snoring problem can be solved too.

4. Avoid Alcohol Before Bed

Alcohol can cause snoring due to its ability to completely let the body relax most of its muscles and if you have developed snoring issues recently then drinking alcohol might encourage your tissue muscles to vibrate with more ease. Try to substitute alcohol with calming tea blends like camomile to help your mind to relax and ease your sleeping routine as a healthier alternative. Alcohol can also severely dehydrate the body while sleeping and dehydration can reduce your quality of sleep even more, causing you to be more exhausted due to snoring and loss of hydration.

5. Treat Your Allergies

A blocked airway can easily cause snoring and an allergic reaction is a common reason why an airway can be blocked. A stuffy nose or a blocked sinus mucus gland can obstruct the airway in the nose causing the breathing to be less than optimal and if you predominately breathe through your nose then a blocked nostril might be the cause of your snoring. Allergies can be treated easily with proper medication, consult a doctor to first identify what is cause the allergic reaction and once you have the required medical assistance, your snoring should improve after your allergies are addressed.

6. Stop Smoking

If you are a smoker then there are very high chances that smoking is one of the main causes of your snoring issue. The smoke from cigarettes can act as an irritant to the sensitive membranes in the nose and mouth that can cause the airways to be blocked, resulting in snoring. Attempting to stop your smoking habit is not an easy feat but since smoking can cause a myriad of health problems, you can improve more than just your sleep issues with quitting cigarettes. There are other alternatives you can look into to help you quit smoking like nicotine patches and vaping to ease the quitting process.

7. Treat Your Septum

A deviated septum can be a major cause for snoring and most snorers don’t realise that they might have this problem till they consult a doctor. A deviated septum is when the bone and cartilage that divides the nasal cavity in half is crooked, this affects the breathing and the person would be taking in less air than a normal person. This issue can be rectified with septoplasty surgery where the bone and cartilage can be straightened out to improve the passageway of the nose, improving breathability. It is best to consult an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist to confirm if you have a deviated septum and consider the surgery to rectify the issue.

8. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been used as a remedy for many conditions and it can also help with snoring by unblocking stuffy nasal passages, easing sore throats and reducing inflammation in the sensitive membranes of the nose. Scents like lavender, peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus can be very helpful to ease your breathing and to relax your body to sleep better. You can use a humidifier to diffuse the essential oil to fill your bedroom with its scent or you can just rub a few drops under your nose before you sleep so the scent can do its job.

Snoring is a sleeping issue that can be resolved, all you need to do is identify what is causing it and there are quite a few remedies that can possibly help you to get undisturbed and better-quality sleep. Proper research and discipline to follow through with the solution is essential and with enough perseverance snoring can be an issue you can move past with ease.

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