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Start up company urging Aussies to buy wine to help save lives… 

Introducing Little Ripples - the new Australian wine business helping to bring clean water to the world - one bottle at a time

Dustin Leonard, Founder and CEO of Little Ripples

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 19 September 2019: Wine lovers across the country can now enjoy their favourite beverage just that little bit more. Little Ripples, a new entrant to the wine market, has today launched in Australia with a mission to help bring clean drinking water to the developing world.

As part of the ambitious new venture, for every bottle of wine sold, Little Ripples promises to give one year’s worth of clean drinking water to one person in need.

Dustin Leonard, Founder and CEO of Little Ripples, said every purchase of our quality Australian wine will give life changing access to clean and safe water to one person for one year.


“To achieve this, we’ve partnered with the BridgIT Water Foundation who build wells and water systems in developing countries and help revitalise struggling communities. Reliable access to clean drinking water is something that we often take for granted in Australia. The statistics around how many people are affected by not having access to this vital need are staggering,” he said.

“What's really missing from our very good Australian wine market is a sustainable option with a social cause - one where consumers can spend a reasonable amount of money on something that they enjoy, whilst making an immense difference to those who need it. That’s why we’ve launched Little Ripples,” he said.

Mr Leonard pointed to a recent report from Koda Capital which found that:

  • Australians spend five times more on alcohol than they claim in charitable donations

  • Despite earning 15% less than men, Australian women donate more of their income to charity, spend more time volunteering and are more likely to take part in workplace giving than men. Each year women donate 0.39% of their income to charity, compared to just 0.34% for men

While Little Ripples’ selection of wine, also known as Wine to Water, has been created with the social cause front of mind, its quality and taste has in no way taken a back seat.

Mr Leonard has established an award-winning team to collaborate on the project including the famous Cassegrain family from Port Macquarie with an established wine pedigree dating back to the 1600s; Paul Henry, the former General Manager of Wine Australia and critically acclaimed wine commentator, critic and judge, and Wendy Tisdell (OAM), founder of water charity BridgIT Water Foundation.

“When it comes to creating the perfect taste, it’s important to let the fruit express itself in the right way. The fruit should be doing all the talking,” said Alex Cassegrain, Senior Winemaker at Little Ripples.

Little Ripples selection of wine

“That’s why we’ve sourced our fruit from some of the best regions across Australia. We’ve also had the ability to blend different parcels of those regions, especially for the reds, where we’ve sourced fruits from emerging growing areas like New England, Central Ranges, and Hilltops. For the whites, we wanted something that was delicate but still true to character. We’ve sourced fruit from Tumbarumba for our Chardonnay and from Orange for our Sauvignon blanc. These are serious wines, and I think people will love them”.

“To be involved in something that has a great cause with a social benefit is a fantastic outcome,” concluded Mr Cassegrain.

BridgIT Water Foundation is the chosen water charity partner of Little Ripples. Its Founding Director, Wendy Tisdell, will be working closely with Mr Leonard and the team to ensure that the construction and development of wells to provide clean and safe drinking water is carried out in the best possible way.

“BridgIT Water Foundation has extensive experience in implementing water systems in developing countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Nepal, India and Ethiopia so they’re the perfect partner for us,” said Mr Leonard.

Wendy Tisdell, Founding Director of BridgIT Water Foundation

“To be involved with Little Ripples on this important initiative is absolutely amazing. Most people don’t realise to what extent the developing world suffers from not having proper access to safe, clean, drinking water. I’m thrilled to be working on a project which sheds light on this critical issue, and I look forward to seeing the real difference it will make to people’s lives,” said Ms Tisdell.

“It’s typically the role of women and children to collect water in developing countries. They often have to walk anywhere from 2 to 10 kilometres to collect water from a surface pond which is contaminated. By providing a water system, or well, to communities that need it will allow more children, especially girls, to attend school. I’m incredibly lucky to be able to go back to these countries and see for myself the difference safe water makes,” concluded Ms Tisdell.

Kigando Completed Well, courtesy of BridgIT Water Foundation

The initial run of wine includes: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Wines vary in price between $22 per bottle ($132 / case of six) and $28 per bottle ($168 / case of six).

To purchase the product or find out more visit https://www.littleripples.co/

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