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The dull winter weather is finally behind us and summer is ready to swing into action. Are you? If you’re still dusting off those winter cobwebs and feeling a little pasty and worn out from the long chilly season, you may need to freshen up to get yourself in that vibrant summer mindset. Don’t stress - there are tons of awesome ways to get that summer vibe going without spending a fortune or booking any long-distance holidays. Get started with these easy ideas.


Refresh your complexion:


One of the tell-tale signs of a long winter can be seen in your skin. If you’re prone to dry skin that gets flaky and dull in the winter as a result of the colder temperature and higher wind speeds, you could definitely benefit from a proper facial treatment to scrub away the dry skin and reveal a healthy, glowing complexion underneath. Pampering yourself with a microdermabrasion perth treatment is the ideal way to prep your skin for summer - it’ll safely exfoliate away dead, dry skin cells in a safe and totally non-invasive way. Get ready for a fresh new glow and a boost of confidence for the next season of your life.


Get your glow on:


Don’t wait for the glaring summer sun to darken your skin tone - fake it instead with a spray tan - a safer approach that gives you a gorgeous glowing tan without any of the health risks. Avoid sunbathing, slather on the sunscreen, and you’ll be fully bronzed and looking stunning before spring has even finished without increasing your risk of skin cancer.


Get a fresh cut:


Changing up your hairstyle can do wonders for your confidence and take you into the new season feeling like a whole new person. Many people with long, thick hair find that it gets uncomfortable once summer comes and they have to constantly tie it up. Why not go for a stylish, edgy cut instead so you stay cool through summer in every sense? Changing up your colour for the new season can also be fun - lighter shades and subtle highlights look gorgeous under the summer sun. Visit a salon and colour specialist you trust with great reviews and be bold.


Let go of toxic relationships:


Feeling light and fresh isn’t just about your outer appearance - your emotional health and wellbeing is even more important. If there are unhealthy relationships in your life that are weighing you down and making you feel depressed then it’s time to put down some boundaries and start making real changes in your life. Consider which relationships and friendships are bringing you joy and which are just bringing you down.


Start setting goals:


If you feel like the past months just kind of flew by and you didn’t really achieve much, now is a great time to start working on some goal-setting. Experts always recommend setting goals with a particular time limit so you have a timeframe to work within - so a new season can the ideal time to consider what you want to achieve by the time autumn arrives. Aiming for a promotion or a raise at work? Hoping to find a great guy or nail that 5K you’ve been planning to run since January? Get those goals down on paper and start fighting for them.

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