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  • Written by Diana Smith

For decades, people used medication and therapy to treat depression. But, besides doctor-prescribed medication, there are things you can do on your own to ease your symptoms and make this dark period of your life easier to handle. One of these self-prescribed things is definitely aromatherapy. While it’s not a replacement for your therapy, aromatherapy can be a great companion to it. Here’s how can different aromatherapy methods help you fight and defeat your depression.

Causes of depression

Before we tackle the cure, we have to bring some attention to the causes of depression. The two common causes are a chemical/hormonal imbalance in your brain and certain triggers from the outside world. Some situational triggers can range from the death of a loved one, divorce, physical and mental abuse and health issues to stress due to financial hardships, career, relationships, moving and pressure from loved ones. No matter what your cause of depression is, it’s is completely valid.

How aromatherapy can help

While experts don’t really know how and why aromatherapy works, it just does. However, some think that chemicals in essential oils trigger scent receptors in your nose that send impulses to the part of your brain that controls mood. It’s certain that additional research is needed to learn how aromatherapy helps with depression, but it does have benefits. But, even though there are thousands of people who swear in aromatherapy, don’t use it as your only path of treatment. Instead, ask your doctor whether you can use it along with your prescribed treatment.

What are your aromatherapy options?

There are several methods that can help you incorporate aromatherapy and essential oils into your life and treatment. You can try out a few and see which works best for you—we are all different and have different reactions and preferences.

You can practice aromatherapy with a machine called a diffuser that will spread the scent throughout your space. This will not only have beneficial effects on your depression, but it will also provide you with an energizing, pleasant and calming air freshener that’s much safer than those you can get at the store. Scented candles are also a great solution since they are followed by a relaxing visual effect as well.

You can also add essential oils to your massage oils and have a two-in-one relaxing effect. The combination of massage and aromatherapy is a great way to battle stress and promote positive feelings, especially before bed. In order to further boost your aromatherapy before you go to sleep, you can grab a bottle of quality linen spray and add a refreshing scent to your dreams. This type of product can also be used on ironing to give your linen some extra scent!

Furthermore, you can spice up your baths with scented bath oils and salts. With these, every bath and shower can be a healing experience that can help you battle your depression. And, these scented soaps and lotions will allow you to carry your aromatherapy with you wherever you go (they tend to linger on your person for quite some time).

No matter what method of delivery you choose, make sure to purchase quality products. And keep our furry friends in mind and opt for manufacturers that don’t test on animals.

Benefits of aromatherapy

What all those beneficial scents do for you is help with stress and improve your mood. Some users say that aromatherapy helps them stay in the present, but also bring out positive memories that can help with happy-hormone production. Scents are actually the best way to jog memories and get a positive emotional response.

Are there any risks?

While aromatherapy is usually very safe, some essential oils can potentially cause an allergic reaction when inhaled, it strongly depends on the person. If you’re usually very sensitive to strong smells, it’s best to consult with your doctor before trying aromatherapy.

Also, if ingested, some essential oils can be toxic. When used in massage, essential oils need to be mixed with massage oils and not put directly on the skin. But, if you follow these safety tips, you should be fine and actually enjoy your aromatherapy very much.

Aromatherapy can be a great side-weapon during your battle with depression. While it’s not a complete cure or any sort of panacea, aromatherapy can be very beneficial with dealing with stress and can do wonders for your relaxation and mood. Any help towards your goal of mental health is much appreciated.

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