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Although it might seem outlandish, it is actually very possible to exercise and strengthen your eyelid muscles. This mini workout is ideal for people with eyelids that are already – or are just beginning to – droop. Eyelids are made up of two very thin folds of skin and are designed to both protect your eyes from dryness, foreign bodies, and strain, in addition to staying up through the night working hard to keep your eyes hydrated while you’re sleeping. Being such busy areas of our body, there is a potential for eyelids to eventually droop, and it’s often not a very pleasant thing to look at (particularly in the mirror). It can also get to the point where droopy eyelids can cause health issues, such as vision impairment. For this reason, in this article we take a look at a few simple exercises to get your eyelids stronger than ever.

Basic eyelid exercises to get you started

Although you might have already considered a blepharoplasty in Perth, giving eyelid exercises is a good place to start before you resort to surgery. The first thing you should be doing is making sure that your eyelids are properly warmed up – warming and gently massaging your eyelids has been proven to increase circulation and nerve responses, so this is something important you should be doing before a workout, as it can help in making your eyelids more flexible. If you’re not ready to dive into exercises, you might first consider some basic contact stimulation through something like application of an electric toothbrush. Although you might not realise it as it is happening, this direct contact actually forces a reaction in the small muscles of the eyelid, so repeated applications of vibrations can help a great deal in the long run. If you want to engage in a more direct exercise, a resistance workout – such as – can also help a great deal with eyelid droop. Quick, aggressive blinks, eye rolls and raising and holding you eyebrows are all great resistance exercises for you to consider.

More exercises for you to try out

Another eyelid workout you might want to consider is the Trataka yogic eye exercise. This exercise involves you focusing on a specific object and staring at it without shifting your gaze for as long as you can. In doing this, you should quite easily feel your eye muscles working. If you’ve found that only one of your eyelids droops, it might be the case that you favour the other eye for everyday tasks. Doing so can make the other eyelid even weaker as time goes on, so if you want to find some balance it might be a good idea to stop using your good eye, with the simplest way of doing this through the use of an eyepatch. In covering your good eye, you can ensure that only your weaker eye is used, which can help you strengthen them both to the same level. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear an eyepatch all day – you might just consider applying the eyepatch for a few hours a day in the comfort of your own home.

It’s not uncommon to have eyelids droop

Eyelid droop can be related to genetics or might just be something that happens over time. Regardless, it’s not an abnormal thing to experience, and applying a few exercises regularly can help you mitigate any serious health issues that might occur as a result. Plus, it only take a few minutes a day!

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