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Blinking isn’t just a reaction - it’s an important way to protect your eyesight. And, funnily enough, there is a correct way to go about blinking. The reason for linking is to refresh your eyes by moistening them with protein-dense nutrients. This provides them with much-required lubrication and cleanses them of any unwanted debris.

A quick blink may not seem to provide so much, but that’s exactly what they do and why we need to do it so often. Eye surgeons in Melbourne, Mumbai, Shanghai and Sydney will all tell you the same - it’s very important to keep on blinking.

Here is why.

How it works

Proper and efficient blinking involves two aspects: closing the yes completely for a quick moment and using the right eye muscles. The muscles that are utilised for blinking are positioned above the eyes. To ensure you are using these muscles as opposed to facial muscles, you can place your fingers at the corners of your eyes next to the temples.You shouldn’t feel any movement under your fingers if you are using your eye muscles and not your facial muscles.

Pause after closing your eyes. This is vital as you have to fully close your eyes to blink effectively. If your upper eyelashes touch your finger, you have closed your eyes properly.

Benefits of proper blinking

Once you have mastered the art of blinking, you can go on to receive its wonderful benefits. Throughout blinking, protein-dense moisture washes over your eyes, protecting them and providing them with nutrients. This moisture also cleanses your eyes, as well as washing any unwanted debris. Furthermore, blinking releases an oily liquid which retains this moisture and keeps it from evaporating too quickly. It also lubricates your eyes to prevent chafing.

But blinking is such a miniscule thing, right? Blinking squeezes the glands that produce these important liquids. Therefore, this cleansing, nourishment and oily liquid are a natural result of the glands having the opportunity to release this substance. But this can only happen if you blink properly, allowing your eyes to come to a full, eye-muscle rich, fully-closed blink.

Try to blink more & try to blink well

You will want to blink more and blink properly after reading this. I mean, who doesn’t want the best for all parts of their body, especially when it can be achieved by something as simple as regular, proper blinking.

However, you may not realise it, but you may not be taking proper care of your eyes. This is especially in part to the near-constant use of digital devices the modern human incorporates into their daily lives. Although people blink around the same amount using a screen as they do, say, a book, they tend not to blink as well when using such devices.

More people don’t complete their blinks when reading a computer or phone screen. This is what regularly contributes to eye strain and chafing when using technology. Your eyes simply aren’t getting the love they need when using such technology.

You ideally want to blink your eyes 15 to 30 times a minute. The blinks should be soft and not forced. They should be like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings, and not like trying to force a fridge shut when there is a bottle blocking the door. When you think more about the benefits of blinking, you will soon subconsciously do a better job of it.

Remember to blink regularly, practice complete blinking and occasionally close your eyes when viewing a device - it’s all good for the eyes.

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