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If you recently bought a ticket for the popular Australia lottery game Oz Lotto, and don’t know where to find the Oz Lotto results - you came to the right place. In this article, we will discuss all the options of how and where to find the Oz Lotto results Tuesday night.

Oz Lotto Results Tuesday

First of all, let us give you a short introduction to the lottery game. Oz Lotto is a popular lottery game played in Australia and owned by Tatts Group. With a total of seven prize divisions, the lotto is known for offering huge prizes that can turn winners into millionaires. The minimum First Division prize is AUD$2 million, but it often goes up even higher and has even reached AUD$100 million in the past! The game has been around for over 25 years now and has been going strong ever since. So grab your ticket and get ready to see if you’re this week’s lucky winner.

What time Oz Lotto results?

The Oz Lotto results are available only after the draw, which takes place every Tuesday night at 8:30 PM AEST on 7TWO. Since the draw generally takes around 30 minutes, you could expect the results to be available by around 9 PM AEST.

How to check Oz Lotto results?

There are a few different ways how to check Oz Lotto results. The first option is to tune into the live broadcast and watch the draw on TV. The draw is held every Tuesday night at 8:30 PM AEST on 7TWO. If you want to find out the Oz Lotto results as soon as possible, this is the option to choose.

After the live draw has ended, you can check your results online. Since the draw takes around 30 minutes, the results will be available online at around 9 PM AEST. Just go to The Lott’s official website or stay right here at LottoDraw and you will find the results.

If you have the official The Lott app, you could also check your results there. The app is available for both Android and on the App Store. First, you would have to wait for the live draw to end. Then, simply open the app, scan your lottery ticket and find out if you won!

Another popular option for checking your lottery ticket is getting the results emailed to you. Many people like this option because they don’t have to do anything. Just create an online account with The Lott, subscribe to their emails, and every week you will get the draw results emailed straight to your inbox!

If you do not have access to the Internet or a TV, there is one more option on how to check Oz Lotto results. Just head to your nearest Oz Lotto retailer and use their self-checker found in the store. If you’re not sure how to use it, you could always ask the retailer for some help. They are usually more than happy to help! Plus, if you do happen to win something, small winnings could be paid out right on the spot!

How to read Oz Lotto results?

Reading the Oz Lotto results is very simple. During the live draw, nine numbers are drawn from a barrel of balls numbered 1 through 45. The first seven numbers in the barrel are the main numbers and the last two are supplementary. Some of the prize divisions will require you to match the supplementary numbers, while other divisions - don’t.

To win the First Division prize of AUD$2 million or more, you simply have to match your seven numbers with the seven main numbers drawn. No supplementary numbers are needed for this prize division. It’s as easy as that! The Second Division prize could be won by matching six main numbers plus one supplementary number. The Third Division prize requires you to match six main numbers and no supplementary numbers. The Fourth Division prize could be won by matching five main numbers and either one or two supplementary numbers. The Fifth Division prize requires you to match five main numbers and no supplementary numbers. The Sixth Division - four main numbers and no supplementary numbers. And last but not least, the Seventh Division prize requires you to match three main numbers and two supplementary numbers.

So, to read your Oz Lotto results, you just have to know these winning combinations. First, wait for the results from the live draw to be presented and then check to see if the numbers on your ticket match any of the numbers drawn. See which combinations you have succeeded to match and claim your prize!

Latest Oz Lotto Results

The latest Oz Lotto draw took place on August 20th, 2019. This was draw number 1331. The winning combination was - 41; 37; 5; 7; 43; 16; 1. The supplementary numbers were - 20; 10.

Draw number 1330 took place on August 13th, 2019. During that draw, the winning combination was - 11; 18; 27; 21; 1; 14; 7. The supplementary numbers were 36 and 35.

On August 6th, 2019, draw number 1329 had a winning combination of 13; 32; 19; 45; 37; 24; 15. The supplementary numbers were 23 and 28.

If you are interested in previous Oz Lotto results, they could be found on the official The Lott website. There you will find the winning numbers, supplementary numbers, the prize pools for each division, as well as learn how many winners there were.

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