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Pokies are ever-popular with fans of casino games, or with those who want to have fun online. There are countless of options to choose from, but the main question is how to actually win at online pokies? Here are some tips on the topic from CasinoChan, the best online casino in Australia.

The highest payouts

Choose a slot with the max Return to Player (RTP) percentage. It shows what percentage a player can return from their deposits. 92% - 97% is usual for real online pokies.
RTP of pokies are available in the rules of each individual game, so look out for them when you searching for the next slot.

Pokies volatility

Volatility determines the risk of gambling with real money, as well as the estimated profit. Pokies with low volatility give winnings more often, but winnings are smaller. Conversely, high volatility indicates that winnings are less frequent, but the amount of payouts is larger. Therefore, high volatility slots require more risk and patience.
Many reviewers indicate each pokies' volatility. However, you can also try to play the free version of the game to determine volatility for yourself. Playing a slot for quite a long time can help you to determine how often it gives profit and its value.

Free spins bonuses will also help you check volatility without losing your own money.

The larger the bet, the greater the win

Pokies give profit proportional to the bets. Therefore, you should not expect a huge jackpot from the minimum bet.
When playing progressive slot games, it is worth to consider that the maximum bets are getting closer to a big jackpot. Such a strategy increases the risk, but also brings you closer to victory.

Do not play branded online pokies

Branded pokies are fun additions to films and TV series. However, they are mostly designed to be promotional materials, rather than actual profitable pokies.

Therefore, it is best to play them in a free demo mode then to bet real money.

Use free spins

Never miss out on the free spins bonuses. These will play a significant role for your future winnings.
As mentioned, free spins will allow you to test the volatility of the pokie. However, such bonus rounds are designed to deliver on the RTP percentage of the game, so you are likely to win back the amount that you gambled before.

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