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With so much going on in everyone’s daily life, things have started to become tangled and complex. Nothing seems to be going in favor and the situation becomes worse with every day passing. When things were already worse, the COVID-19 popped up and infected more than 39 million people around the globe, causing fear in the hearts of every person.

Things worsened even more when thousands of companies shut down, leaving millions of people unemployed. Now that the pandemic has died down a bit, things have started getting back to normal. The world’s economy has also started to stand back up on its feet and is regaining the ground it used to hold.

Companies have started re-opening but are still not fully functional. There are many people who are still unemployed and waiting for an opportunity so they can get back on their feet again. These are some of the major concerns and then there are small ones that cause even more stress and tension. When we take stress over situations that are already bad, we simply make them worse and all it does is drag us down even further, making it even more difficult for us to get back.

Ido Fishman Wants to Help People In Stress with His Expertise

Being Chef by profession as well as a nutrition expert, Ido Fishman is among the personalities who care for people’s health and food intake. As per him, a person’s physical condition and nature say a lot about the kind of food they have. There are many people around the world who spend a huge chunk of their monthly income to buy junk food and other beverages that are completely not worth it as these things are harmful to health.

Most of the time, people tend to avoid having vegetables, grains, and other naturally produced or grown products that are actually rich with vitamins, fibers, carbohydrates, and minerals. However, these are the products that can help people fight off many diseases by strengthening their immune system and decrease stress levels.

Using his experience and expertise, Ido Fishman has put together a list of products that can help you fight off stress:

Dark Chocolate

It would be considered extremely unusual if someone says they do not like chocolate. It is one special food item that is consumed throughout the globe by almost every human being. Ido Fishman himself likes almost all types of chocolates but the dark chocolates are on top of his list. Dark chocolates are known for helping in lowering the stress hormone levels in our body with the antioxidants that the dark chocolate carries.

Ido Fishman suggests that even though Dark Chocolate can help lower the stress level, still it does not mean that it can be eaten in large quantities as doing so may have its side effects. He advises that a person should only consume around an ounce of the dark chocolate bar.

Herbal Tea

What can be a better way of reducing stress level than slowly sipping through a cup of tea and it would only get better when it is the herbal team that you are taking. As per the research done by Ido Fishman, it is not only the nutrients from the herbs that help you reduce stress but the slow way of holding a cup and taking many sips also helps you relax, enjoy and calm yourself down.

Then there are herbs such as Chamomile and Lavender that carry certain minerals in them to help you relax and become stress-free.


Ido Fishman states that Avocados are one of the most liked and used fruits in the United States. This fruit is used in almost every American household either in sliced form or mashed into the guacamole. Not only taste but Avocados provide omega-3 fatty acids that are perfect in reducing anxiety, reduce stress, improve mood and concentration.

As per Ido Fishman, our body needs the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids that we can acquire through our diet. This is also something that has been prescribed in the dietary guidelines offered by the governments where adult men are to keep their body filled with 1.6g of ALA which is a form of omega-3 and 1.1g of ALA for women that are adult.


Another very delicious way of fighting stress and staying active is to have seafood whenever you can. If you believe in ‘the more the merrier’ then you get your hands on oily fish as they are filled with omega-3 acids and these acids are responsible for keeping your stress level down and keep you in a good mood. Most importantly, seafood is also very effective against heart-diseases so if you want to stay active and want your heart to pump blood smoothly, then you should try fish every now and then.


One of the oldest drinks and remedy for many diseases is none other than milk. It has been considered a home remedy for helping someone in getting a better night for centuries. Ido Fishman has stated that having warm milk at any time of the day can enhance your psychological level and help you feel relaxed.

On top of that, milk is rich with calcium and if you get your hands on warm-milk with vitamin D added in it, it will work like a charm to help reduce your stress, make your bones stronger and keep your entire body active.

Ido Fishman Wants You to Eat Healthy and Stay Healthier

Just like Ido Fishman, there are many people around the world who are enjoying a healthy and stress-free life because they are also eating food items with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that are better suited for our body and can provide us strength as well as immunity.

However, Ido Fishman does not want to keep all the knowledge to himself but wants everyone to benefit from his skills, experiences and practices. In the end, choice is yours but remember, if you keep yourself and people around you eat safe and healthy, you can help a lot of people become stress-free.

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