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Pro Point Electrical is a licensed electrical provider and it is among the most trusted electrical providers in Melbourne. Pro Point electricians are known for electrical fittings, servicing, and maintenance in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors, whereby they offer electrical solutions of the highest quality. The leading Melbourne Electrician provides excellent services through the input of a team of well qualified and experienced electricians. This team practices high-class technology and has a vast commitment to produce the best quality solutions for their clients all over Melbourne.

The principal Melbourne Electrician is fully compliant to the legal specifications and a member of Master Electricians Australia, regarding safety rules and regulations, occupational safety and health, and environment conscious regulations. The Pro Point Electrical is dedicated to the usage of modern technology, while on the other hand informing and educating their clients of the new technological advancements in the market. This makes the industry leaders increase the trust of its clients while keeping them updated as technology advances every passing day. As the leading Melbourne Electrician, Pro Point Electrical is capable of handling projects of any size and scope in any location in Melbourne – from East to the Southern suburbs of Melbourne.



Pro Point Electrical is reliable for its clients especially when it comes to sudden emergencies. The professional electricians provide all-time emergency services, that is, they are available 24 hours 7 days a week, and therefore a client should not worry in case there is a power outage or an emergency of any kind. Whenever a client calls in or contacts the customer care centre to ask for assistance at whatever time of the day or night, the experienced electricians usually respond and are up to the task within the shortest time possible. To this effect, therefore, businesses, organizations and residential clients should not be stuck with electrical and energy problems. The solution is at Pro Point Electrical.


Services Provided

The leading Melbourne Electrician has a vast range of services which covers the needs of industrial, commercial and residential clients. These services include:


- Power installations and upgrades

- Repairs and replacements

- Air conditioning installations and repair

- Heating system installations

- CCTV installation (both audio and visual)

- Wiring for workstations

- Lighting of signs, car parks, and general lighting

- Electrical troubleshooting

- Any other electrical requirement.


All these services can either be required for fitting, or for maintenance. Once a client contacts Pro Point Electrical for any service, they can request for a quote which gives a breakdown of the work to be done.

As a resident of Melbourne and for those who love great and perfect electrical work at home or for the organization, Pro Point Electrical has the highest quality to offer and at affordable prices.

In order to get more details or for further inquiries about the electricians, do not hesitate to contact the responsive team on 0404 757 325 or on info@propointelectrical.com.au or you can visit the website page Electrician | propointelectrical.com.au.

This is a promise that you will receive exceptional quality services from a qualified team of experts at Pro Point Electrical.


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