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In most cases, when you plan to add kitchen appliances, you forget about range hoods. Sometimes, it doesn't even appear in your list.

Kitchen range hoods are the common types of appliances highly ignored by people. Yet, these appliances are among the best to have when it comes to the safety and health of your family.

But why should you install a range hood? What role does it play in your home to make it a safer place for your family?

To have a better understanding of range hoods and their benefits, read on.

Overview of kitchen range hoods

A kitchen range hood is also referred to as an exhaust hood or vent hood. It is an appliance essential to have in your kitchen, which is beneficial like an oven or refrigerator.

A kitchen range hood has to be installed directly at the top of your stove. It has a motorized fan enclosed in a canopy. This appliance plays a significant role in removing heat, odors, steam, gases, and grease particles created by the cooking process.

The pollutants will be drawn by a fan and then funneled through a filter. When cleaned, they can be sucked out of the house or recircled back.

So, having a range hood will keep your kitchen odor-free and with clean air. However, you need to maintain your range hood by changing the filter regularly. If not, that can lead to harboring unwanted bacteria growth or increase grease fires.

Having that in mind, let's jump to the benefits of installing range hoods.

1. Improves Air Quality

This is the top reason why you need a range hood in your kitchen. It will help improve the air quality. By doing so, the range hood will save harmful elements from drifting into the other parts of the house.

The air pollutants absorb those released from your stove in the form of steam, smoke, and greases. The air range will remove them from the house.

When humidity builds up in the kitchen, it leads to excess moisture that favors the growth of mold and bacteria on kitchen surfaces. So, this appliance with helps improves the air quality by removing excess moisture. 

2. Remove Kitchen Odors

If you like cooking fish, it may leave your house smelling for hours to days. That's something you don't want.

You can solve the problem by installing a kitchen range. It helps avoid odors from being trapped in furniture, fabrics, and clothes.

3. Reduce Excess Heat

When there is much heat in the kitchen, it forces you to stay outside. Installing a range hood will solve this problem in your kitchen.

Cooking is a hot business, especially when you have to open all the stoves to cook over one thing simultaneously. The kitchen range hood will draw the excess heat from the room. It doesn't matter the source of heat - either from radiation off the cooktop or steam.

4. Makes Cleanup Easier

If your kitchen isn't adequately ventilated, smoke and grease residue will build up on counters, walls, and other surfaces in the room.

It is tricky to clean such surfaces. Installing a range hood will make your cleanup easier by removing these residues.

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