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If there's any course which is the most sought-after in today's period, it has to be Data Science. Data is created every second, each day, creating an overload, which needs to be worked upon. The data is to be analyzed and made into such a format, which will help the businesses make futuristic decisions. As the data keeps increasing, so does the demand for data scientists increase. With this comes the rise in the scope of data science courses. The candidates with certifications and who have done courses are preferred over those who have no certifications. Given below are the top courses for masters and PGP in Data Science.

#1 Purdue University

In collaboration with IBM and Purdue university, the PGP in Data science course is a perfect mix of case studies, theory, and extensive hands-on practice. This program is ranked #1 among the data science certification Bootcamp in Sydney. Skills like Exploratory Data Analysis, Model building and fine-tuning, Descriptive Statistics, Ensemble Learning, Natural Language Processing, Inferential Statistics, Supervised and unsupervised learning, etc. Tools like Numpy, Pandas, Python, Tableau, and R will be covered.

The course is 12 months long. To become a part of this course, the candidate who has at least two or more years of experience is preferred. The candidate should have a bachelor's degree with at least 50% or higher average marks, and the candidate must also understand the basics of mathematics and programming concepts.

#2 University of Melbourne

For statistics and computer science, the University of Melbourne ranks number one. This university is a top choice for the Master's program in data science. To become a part of this program, you need to have a bachelor's degree with at least 65%. If you have appeared for exams like TOEFL or IELTS, you need to submit the scorecard. The course will go up to 24 months. The program will cover the Professional skills subjects like core computer science subjects, scientific communication, and Capstone data science project.

#3 University of Sydney

The Harvard business review rated data science as the 'Sexiest Job of the 21st Century'. The professionals in data science can work in different fields and areas like retail, health, etc. To enroll yourself for the MS in Data Science program offered by the University of Sydney, you should have a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 65%, and you also need your TOEFL or IELTS scorecard. The program is 12 months long. The program covers various courses like data visualization and machine learning, latest techniques in data mining; the program focuses on developing the skills that will help present the studies in visualized form and provide the data insights to the stakeholders to understand it smoothly.

#4 RMIT University

RMIT University provides a master's in data science programs. Students who have completed their bachelors in statistics or computer science have the edge over others in data science who are not from this field. To enroll in this program, you must have a TOEFL or IELTS scorecard. The course is 24 months long. You can also opt for shorter duration courses; they are flexible with the duration of the course. The program covers various courses that offer versatile learning through tutorials, lectures, project work, practical classes, and seminars.

#5 Monash University

Data science is still a field that is in a developing stage. With an MS degree in data science, you will not only be hired as a data scientist. As a graduate, you can also work for various job roles like a research scientist, data miner, data architect, data engineer, analytics specialist, web analyst, and business intelligence developer or analyst. To enroll in this course, you need a bachelor's degree with at least 60% marks. You either need to have a TOEFL or IELTS scorecard. The program will be 12 months long. The course will cover various interesting courses like data preprocessing, data analysis, visualization, and data science objectives. They also provide elective subjects from which you can choose the topic which you find interesting.

Data Science Skills and Courses

The courses which you take up during your PGP in data science vary from every university. The topics and contents offered in the data science program differ from one university to another. However, you can expect a few standard courses in all the programs. A few of them are mathematical modeling, machine learning in practice, information retrieval, cryptography basics, advanced data analysis, data mining, strategy and business models, and deep learning.

The programming languages that are most popularly used in data science by professionals and amateurs are Python, Scala, R, SAS, SQL, C, Java, and a few other languages. The right data science course can help you in developing the skills which are needed to acquire success in the industry of data science. These skills range from problem-solving, analytical mindset, creative thinking, patience, teamwork, communication, and attention to detail.


If you are a student who has always loved statistics and has had a deep interest in computer science can get into the field of Data Science with his or her eyes closed. This is because data science is a rare blend of two completely different disciplines - computer science and statistics; hoping that this article has helped you figure out the best program for your degree in data science in Australia. All the courses are accredited and will help you in getting a good job. Irrespective of the university you choose, if you develop the right skills, no one can stop you from getting your dream job, for which you have always wished. Above that, since Australia has the world's second-highest development index, studying from a university in Australia can significantly impact your career. All you need to do is get ready for experiencing a flourishing and promising career.

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