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Every property has the chance to become a home, but that chance only comes around once the owners invest some of their heart into it. A building is just four walls and a roof, after all, but add décor, make it liveable for your lifestyle, and make it a joy to be in and suddenly you have your very own little slice of heaven.


Achieving this personal oasis is not easy. There is a lot to do before a property meets the standards you are looking for, but so long as you stick with it and go through room by room and complete project after project, you will eventually have the home of your dreams.


Improving and maintaining your property like this isn’t just for your own personal satisfaction, either. Investing in your home and its health is one of the best ways to improve the value of the property, if one day you ever wanted to sell.


Deep Clean It


Deep cleaning is so crucial for your property’s health and the health of your family. Dust and mould can build up over time, and bacteria can grow in your fabrics. Even a seemingly clean and orderly home can have issues. That is why it is important to clean your drapes, your furniture, and deep clean your carpet as well. While you are it, go down and wipe areas you don’t usually get to reach in a standard tidy.


Deep cleaning is a very important step. Consider it like prepping the canvas before you start painting.


De-Clutter It


Another step to the deep clean can even involve de-cluttering. De-cluttering and minimalism have become very popular in recent years, but it isn’t as daunting as you might think. You can absolutely keep the things you love, and use often. What should go are the items you don’t think about and don’t ever use – even if it was a gift. Away Today Rubbish Removal advises that if you’ve never done this before you might find that you’ve accumulated quite a large pile of unneeded items that won’t fit in the bin. If this is the case, it would be worth hiring a skip-bin or a rubbish removal company that can take the hassle out of the removal of all these items. If you once bought yourself a kayak and have never used it since, sell it. It is just taking up space and cluttering your home.


Invest in Better Storage


Though you should have far fewer items in your home once you go through and de-clutter all the forgotten things from your closets and drawers, you should still consider investing in better storage. A beautifully organized closet can help you see all your clothes, so you wear them more often. It can also improve the look of your décor.


Repair, Repair, Repair


If there is anything that needs to be repaired, do it. Don’t hold off. Small fixes now are much more cost effective than a big fix or even a replacement later.


Bring in the Light


Use these tips to bring in more natural light into your home. Natural light is essential for your health and productivity. You want to be awake during daylight hours, and the more daylight you get, the more alert your body is and better you will feel at home.


Give it a Fresh Lick of Paint


If your home is looking drab either on the inside or outside, it is time to finally repaint it. This could involve just a new coat of paint, or it could require sanding, priming, painting, then sealing if you are repainting the exterior of your home. Exterior paint jobs can be very difficult without the right tools, so you might want to consider hiring a company to do this for you.


Improve How You Feel in It


If you still don’t love how you feel in your home, then it is time to start redecorating. Invest in the big pieces, like a couch or bed first. Then build off of these big pieces of furniture to help keep everything beautiful and uniform. Collecting ideas can help give you an idea of what you want, but you will only know your options when you get out there and look.


Spruce Up the Exterior


A fresh paint job will really liven up the exterior of a property, but it isn’t the only way to improve your kerb appeal. Cleaning up the landscaping, fixing your driveway, and even investing in better outdoor lights and your mailbox can make your home look utterly charming in no time at all.


Create an Oasis


Moving on to the back where you will want to invest a lot more time and effort. This place can be your oasis. It can be the escape from the city or the little green patch of happiness in an arid landscape. It can do so much for your home’s appeal and for your own health, but only if you consider a few key things.


To start, you do want to design your landscape so that it flows and uses the space in your back yard wisely. You will then want to visit your nearest nursery to pick out plants. There are some plants that thrive in Australia, but you will also want to consider how they act near each other and even what pests they bring into your yard.


When designing your oasis, do remember to plan for an al fresco dining area or porch area. This way, you can enjoy being in your little slice of heaven first hand.


Make Your Outdoor Area Habitable


Creating an oasis of a back garden is great. It helps the environment; it boosts your property’s value; it gives you an excellent view from your home, but it doesn’t necessarily make it inhabitable. During the hot summer months, the sun can beam down on your garden. To get more use out of it, you will want an opening rooftop patio to control the sunlight and give you and your family some much-needed shade so you can enjoy your beautiful garden. You can find out more about these patio rooftops for yourself, and see just why they are the perfect complement to a garden.


Your home should be a paradise. It should suit your lifestyle, tastes, and needs to a T. This means it needs to support your hobbies, help you feel instantly relaxed once you return home, and of course be somewhere you enjoy being immensely.

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