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Are you getting ready to leave town for a vacation, business trip, wedding, or medical procedure? If so, it's wise to run through a basic to-do list and check off essential items. Get peace of mind and enjoy your away time more thoroughly by knowing that things like medical travel insurance policies are up to date. Additionally, make certain that you have a proper ID for boarding flights. Avoid announcing vacation dates and itineraries on social media pages. Here are details about what to do before departing.

Check Medical Travel Insurance Coverage

If you have medical travel insurance and plan to take a trip for the main purpose of receiving treatment from a healthcare professional, double-check that all your plan documents are in order. Contact the carrier to verify that premiums are paid up and current. Read the fine print of the document to make sure that the reasons you're traveling are covered by your plan. Once you are confident that everything is in order, attend to other packing and planning tasks. For many adults who purchase medical travel insurance for travel abroad, the coverage offers excellent benefits for procedures like fertility (IVF) treatment, dental work of various kinds, cosmetic surgery, and several elective procedures. Plus, those who have the coverage can opt to include those who travel with them in some cases.

Verify Airline ID

Security screening rules are becoming more stringent, and anyone who intends to take a flight should verify their travel status and documents before heading to the airport. US-based travelers must provide a federally approved form of identification to board certain flights, particularly international ones. If your driver's license is not up to date or you can't verify your identity in at least one other way, there's a chance you won't be able to get on the plane without lengthy delays. If you haven't flown in a few years, contact the airline directly, preferably by phone, to get all the facts about your situation. There's nothing more frustrating than making an unnecessary trip to the local airport only to be refused at the gate.

Adjust Social Media Settings

Want to be safe while you're away from home? Attend to all your social media accounts and set them to auto-respond. Do the same for email messages if you don't plan to be answering them. Be very cautious about announcing vacation plans on social platforms. There's no reason to set yourself up for a home break in during an otherwise relaxing vacation. Instead, consider discussing all the fun aspects of the journey after you return. It's never a good idea to announce to the world that your primary home will be vacant, even for a weekend getaway.

Move Valuables to a Safe Deposit Box

No matter how secure your home is, put valuable items in a safe deposit box temporarily while you are out of town. Never assume that a house sitter, neighbor, relative, or friend will be able to prevent a break-in. Play it safe by visiting the local bank and renting a temporary safety deposit box. Upon return, retrieve all the items before the box's term expires.

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