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What most people out there can agree on is the fact that they will feel like they have something burning inside of them that they want to share. It may be to write a book, to create a product, to create some kind of service, or to showcase their artwork. SEO Shark know that an established business needs an established website. Whatever the case may be, it is much easier for people to go about doing this in modern times as they can do so by creating a blog or social media account.

The only problem is that every Tom, Dick, and, Harry is doing the same and so it is truly a saturated market when it comes to having an online platform. This means that people can put in the hard yards for years and not really have any people visiting their site. So to best help those who may be feeling a little down about the fact that their site isn’t yet booming, here is why having a website is so important for SEO purposes, even if you don’t have a lot of traffic.

Having a website is so important for SEO purposes, even if you don’t have a lot of traffic because people can have a place to go to learn more about you

For some people out there, they can get the wrong idea about what things should be like when they start their own website. They assume that people will flock to it to absorb their content as well as to purchase whatever they are offering. The truth is, however, that this is very unlikely to occur as there are just so many different sites out there.

Back in the day, it was less common for people to go out on their own or to pursue a passion project, however, in this day and age every person is doing this and so people are feeling slightly burned out. But this doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t have a site that they invest in on a regular basis because simply having this site is a form of SEO on its own. All it takes is one person to come to their page to see what they offer and they may then a) offer them a brand deal, b) recommend them to a friend, c) sign up to their newsletter, or d) even become a customer or client.

Having a website is so important for SEO purposes, even if you don’t have a lot of traffic because you will want to be the one who shows up in search engine results if someone happens to Google you

Another important reason why having a website is so important for SEO purposes is because people will need to show up if someone happens to Google them. For instance, someone may have an Instagram account where they offer welding tips and tricks and one of their followers may decide to search for them using Google to see if they have some kind of website. If people do not have a website, the searcher will likely come across nothing or will simply be directed to a different company that offers something similar.

It is a good sign when someone is thirsty for more content and even if this doesn’t happen all too often, people need someone to go when this is the case. And the best way for sites to show up when someone decides to Google them is to create a website and to use this as a form of search engine optimisation.

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