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Not taking repeat business serious can be a significant mistake. Make sure you are protecting the business you have earned by doing business with them and ensure they will keep coming back for more. Here are nine ways of ensuring you are expanding your repeat customer base.

  1. Keeping In Touch

After a sale, use resources to continue building a relationship as opposed to just set your sights on the ensuing transaction. Opportunities can involve social media engagement, frequent communication via your newsletter, or offering a special incentive. However, be cautious not to become a nuisance. Your connection must have a purpose and be meaningful.

  1. Avoid Assuming They Will Remember You

A client might have hired you once before, but this doesn’t mean they will automatically remember you the next time they require the type of service you offer. Remember, you are competing for a client’s attention, amongst many other distractions each day. If you offer services to other companies but have not heard back from them in a while, it’s worth reaching out and let them know that you would welcome their future business.

  1. Keeping The Experience Relevant And New

Always give people a reason why they should continue shopping with you. Continuously improve your offerings and remember to let your existing customers know what is new. Keep changing and updating your client base.

  1. Investing In SEO Marketing

By using an expert SEO company like the one you can find at https://www.sponsoredlinx.com.au/seo-services/brisbane/, various best practices and tools can be utilized in helping your website ranking higher in the search engines and subsequently driving more traffic and potentially more business to your site.

  1. Surprising Them

When you go the extra mile to make a customer feel valued, they will most likely spread the word. It could involve something simple like remembering their name, offering them a small gift on their birthday, or giving them loyalty discounts if they continuously use your services.

  1. Employing The Appropriate People On The Front-Line

You can have a fantastic product, which everyone loves, however, if the person who deals with your customers lacks engagement, or worse, they are just too unpleasant to deal with, they will end up driving customers away. Make sure your salespeople are qualified and offer efficient, personalized, and friendly service. This goes for online businesses as well. Make sure your online team are knowledgeable about your products and services and attend to online queries promptly and efficiently.

  1. Being Easily Accessible To Customers

Make a point of engaging and responding to users with social media comments and responses, emails, and voicemail messages as quickly as possible. A considerable part of a successful business is communication.

  1. Listening To What Your Customers Want

This involves two steps: paying attention when your customers share feedback and being proactive in asking them what their opinion of your business is. You can send surveys to people with regards to their opinion about your services or products as well as the customer service they received and make sure you listen and take the information to heart.


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