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Kerstyn Walsh will have the chance to meet her business mentor, LA-based wedding planner to the stars, Lisa Vorce, which will be game-changing for growing Kerstyn’s business

Kerstyn Walsh, a self-employed business owner and founder of renowned Australian wedding planning service, Hire A Bridesmaid, has been announced as RedZed’s Meet the Master competition winner. She will have the opportunity to meet her LA-based business hero, award-winning wedding planning guru, Lisa Vorce, in June this year.


RedZed’s annual Meet the Master competition gives one self-employed Australian the chance to meet their business mentor, anywhere in the world, giving them the unique opportunity to learn from their business hero.


Miss Walsh has attended more than 150 ceremonies, both in Australia and overseas, and has carved out a niche as the country’s one-and-only professional bridesmaid. Meeting her business mentor will mark a turning point for her professionally as she aims to learn more about wedding styling, the resilience needed to run large scale weddings globally with a small team and continuing to focus on her self-development.


Walsh says: “I am a huge advocate for mentorship and in hindsight, I wish that I had a mentor who had been in a similar position, especially in the early days of running my business. While my friends and family were supportive there was no one around me that had ever run their own business.”


She adds: “That’s why I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with Lisa and gain invaluable insights from her successful business journey. Lisa is a true tour-de-force and is the wedding planner to the stars, having styled Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s wedding in Lake Como, Italy.”


Evan Dwyer, RedZed’s founder and Managing Director, says: “RedZed’s primary focus is helping self-employed Australians succeed. As a lender to the self-employed, we believe in the importance of mentoring and have seen the benefits it has on self-development and business growth.”


Dwyer adds: “That’s why we created the Meet the Master competition, giving the winning business owner the chance to meet their business hero anywhere in the world.  Starting up is one challenge but scaling up is harder.  This is where a mentor can really add value and the opportunity to meet the best is a great gift for us to share.”


Meanwhile, the runners-up in the RedZed Meet the Master competition include: Elizabeth Kelly, Elkprints; Belinda Hellyer, Brewed by Belinda; Sean Tran, SHHORN; Jessie Rosenberg, Breathe Bondi; and Seonaidh Murphy, BigBiteEco.


About RedZed

RedZed Lending Solutions is an Australian owned and operated lender, specialising in solutions for the self-employed. We operate exclusively in Australia, offering a broad range of specialist lending products. Founded in 2006, we pride ourselves on assisting self-employed customers with different needs. We work with a hand-picked selection of introducers, chosen for their skill, experience and ability to provide first class service to customers. https://redzed.com/


About Meet the Master

RedZed’s annual Meet the Master competition, gives one small business owner the chance to meet their business hero, anywhere in the world. The “Master” is the business person in your industry that you believe would be the best mentor, and tell us how you think this Master could help your business continue to succeed and potentially grow. Previous winners have included Kel Grant, from The Pines Micro-Dairy, and inaugural winner Chad Griffin, owner of Stoke n Smoke BBQ. 

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