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Employee recognition platforms have been successfully implemented as a technique to study employee performance. It is a useful tool to reinforce particular behaviours, practices, or activities in the workplace and align those with the overall company's goals.

Automation in the employee recognition platform has made the process more comfortable than before. Here are the best features of an automated employee recognition platform that you should look for -

Behavioural Emails

The employee recognition platform has made communication and recognition within the workplace simpler than ever. It should be intuitive and straightforward. The communication, reminders, and announcements should be simple to make within the platform.

The automation enabled system should integrate the messaging and the content management system (CMS) for a robust interface between the company and the employees. The communication through the platform should effectively be carried out at both ends.

Employee recognition platforms are often challenging to sustain and require much updating from time to time. The intuitive interface automatically sends emails to the employees. Look for a platform that combines the process with AI for a smooth experience from sites like power2motivate.com.au. The AI will use the information based on employees' behavioural patterns and send the emails accordingly.

Peer To Peer Recognition and Social Recognition

The platform should necessarily accommodate peer to peer recognition in the workplace. The employees should recognize others under a particular program and their designation, band, grade, division, etc. Peer to peer recognition may include personalized messages or reminders in the workplace.

There should also be social recognition in the workplace through the employee recognition platform wherein it would be easier to connect with other fellow employees. Many employee recognition platforms use AI to recognize someone from the social intranet directly.

Budget Management

Choose the automated employee recognition platform that allows you to manage and customize the budget options at the program and the employee levels. Many platforms use worksheets to customize specific budget options like - allocating the budget on a set date, aligning the project with other budget specific projects, set budget expiration date, and other kinds of budget rules.

As an admin, you can control and moderate your reward budgets at every level. You can define the budgets related to the team's size and requirements and automate accordingly with the employee recognition platform's help.

Performance-Based Rewards

The best way to keep the employees motivated in the workspace is through rewards. For this purpose, the automated employee recognition platform is primarily essential. You can reward the employee based on any over-achieved targets, performance related to a specific project, etc.

Any messages specifically addressed to the employees by their peers add to more personal touch and motivation in the workplace. These can also be performance-related messages stating gratitude towards the employees.

There should also be a performance tracking feature within the platform where you and the employee can track his performance and be rewarded accordingly after the evaluation.

Event-Based Rewards

There should also be event-based rewards with the help of automated employee recognition software. These can be - personal events of employees, years of service, gift cards, etc. Check out your requirements online.

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