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Let's face it, investors are fundamentally different from lenders, and startup owners need to know how to provoke investors in funding in their business plans. Unfortunately, sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be hard to build a better mousetrap that catches the interest of investors.

While finding someone to invest in seems more complex, we need to look for characteristics that investors check when making an investment decision. Knowing what investors are looking for in 2021–22 can help you improve your pitch and at least have some idea of what direction to take when you need to pivot.

So, let's step into the investor's shoes and evaluate some key factors from their perspective and look to grow your business with proper funding.

Showcase returns on your investment

To hit all the points for potential investors, you need to showcase your company's best points and give them a better advantage on their investments. In addition, you need to demonstrate how your business will make its money and woo each prospective investor in a way that piques their interest.

Anoint a Chief Evangelist

With the help of a chief evangelist, inspire the investor to show your startup become something bigger than what it is. Then, with the inspiration of Wealth Dynamics, believe in your company and provide the kind of company culture that wants to make history and change the world.

Be a problem solver

Any investor, before investing, checks on the potential of your business idea. Is your startup idea fundamentally lending as a solution to any problem? If they identify with something that can be a selling point, then there is nothing stopping and grabbing the attention of investors. Then you are on to a winning idea, and your idea has the potential to attract worthwhile investments.

Have Passionate Entrepreneurs with Skin in the Game

Investors are always searching for passionate entrepreneurs who have a background in entrepreneur profiling and have successfully passed entrepreneur assessments. They look for someone to fund who has a passion for it and belief in it.

Get Traction

Having traction for your startup demonstrates as proof to show investors that the product is already on the path to success. Being able to show that the market is already engaging with your product is a selling point, and it means most of the work for your success is already done. In addition, it indirectly encourages investors to seriously consider funding the platform and add real value to it.

Check Market Size

A startup in a growing market requires entrepreneurs to adapt to the personality test and profile test that can add much more promising success to your company profile. Not every product will have a significant reach that can incorporate economies of scale and attract investors. So, check your market size and plan the correct type of startup.

Identify Product Differentiators

When entering existing marketplaces, find a product or service that is first to the market. Then, prepare a business plan for a real business idea and explain why they should invest in your company. If you can't differentiate yourself, you can't guarantee success, and there's no reason for your startup to perform better than others.

Choose Team Members and Delegate Wisely

Having a personality test for entrepreneurs enable one to delegate your team members the right tasks. In a startup with limited staffing, it isn't easy to cover the most critical areas. With an entrepreneur personality test, one gains the confidence to know the operating policies and procedures. Thus, it builds confidence among investors and comforts them to have team members with expertise to oversee their area of operation.

Have a Sound Exit Strategy

Going into a startup and planning how to get out of it will allow you to keep better track of your financial performance. Investors need this financial projection on their return-on-investment so, always prepared with monthly level detail. When investors see a return and a well-defined exit strategy, then they can assist with building out a financial model and put you in a better position.

Get the X-factor

As an entrepreneur, be authentic in your business idea as this can help you associate with your investor in a better way. Be professional when talking with investors to know the significant common ground between both parties.


As we can see from above, an investors' role can be excellent for any startup business. You will get a reliable source to build a strong business network just by fulfilling your investor's certain expectations. Using the above tips and considering these factors can draw them in and spot future success. With a compelling story and well-thought-out pitch, your company has the potential to know what you're going to do with the money. Moreover, if you want to increase your chances of acquiring investment, then look in the right places by knowing the right traits and riding your startup's elevator alongside the market.

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