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Running a business entails the teamwork of many professionals. Some work within the four walls of the main business premises while others work outside. One of those who work in the field is a customs broker.

Especially when you’re in the wholesale and retail business that’s responsible for the import and export of goods, a customs broker Sydney and others is what you’ll need. They're professionals who deal with the legalities and logistics of the goods exported and imported.

For your business to enjoy the maximum benefits of having a customs broker, it’s important to learn how to wind up hiring the best. There are certain non-negotiable factors that'd enable you to achieve this. Here’s a list of those:

  1. Specialization In Your Product Line Or Type

This factor is an important one to select when you’re in the business of selling goods that are highly specialized. This refers to goods that need extra care during transport and other handling procedures. If this is the case, you need to choose a customs broker that holds a specialization in your specific product line or type.

For instance, alcoholic beverages are led by different transportation laws that apply to their importation. Not all customs brokers out there may have experience in handling alcoholic beverages, so choosing the wrong one may put you in a troublesome position with the authorities.

  1. Expertise With The Latest Policy And Regulation Changes

If you’re not well-versed with policy and regulations surrounding importation, transport, and customs duties and laws, then don’t take it upon yourself to fulfil that responsibility. Without the guidance and sound advice coming from a customs broker, there’s a good chance that you’d find yourself in sticky situations.

It’s common to have a good day today and then one full of troubles the next day all because you weren’t able to stay afloat with the latest policy and regulation changes. It's your custom broker’s responsibility to ensure that your company is up-to-date with any changes in those standards. 

In effect, your business’s operations can continue moving smoothly. You can avoid any potential setbacks that may lead to financial penalties and delays.

  1. Top-Notch Experience With The Day-To-Day Tasks Of A Customs Broker

This third factor may seem like an obvious one, but it’s important to emphasize. The reason behind this is that there may be other professionals who’d claim they’re customs brokers when they’ve just started learning the grips of the trade.

While it’s good to give up-and-coming brokers a chance, you may have to be ready to face the challenges and errors that come with inexperience. Truth be told, those errors should be the last thing on your mind, given the complexities that importing naturally comes with.

It's important to choose a customs broker that exhibits top-notch experience even with the basic day-to-day tasks. These include:

  • * Arranging shipment from ports to different storage units or warehouse locations;
  • * Preparing all the different legal documents like customs declarations;
  • * Assisting with getting the appropriate clearance from government agencies;
  • * Calculating the appropriate customs duties for every shipment.

  1. Presence Of Proper Licenses

Your purpose in hiring a customs broker is to make your transactions easier and smoother, not for them to be the root cause of problems you’ll have to face. This is the reason why it’s important to choose one who holds the proper licenses to work as a customs broker. This license should be a non-negotiable requirement for you to look for.

While the need to choose one with the proper licenses may seem like a no-brainer, it can be overlooked by many businesses. When there are many professionals working as licensed brokers, it’s not surprising how you may settle for those with cheaper rates. If you aren’t careful, that could be at the expense of holding the proper licenses.

Double-check and always ask about the presence of those licenses. Make sure they have all the legal permits to work in your local jurisdiction.


The shipping of goods that’s an inherent part of a business can be a complicated matter, especially when you don’t know where and how to get started. Perhaps you don’t have a network of connections that can help smoothen up the process of you. This is where having a customs broker is beneficial. But for them to work for the benefit of your business, you have to select a qualified one. Be sure you’re on the lookout for factors and attributes like those discussed above. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you improve your operations.

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