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If you’re an experienced user of Salesorce, you might take advantage of the many Salesforce Certification Resources available to you and become a salesforce consultant. It could mean a whole new career, but some hesitate wondering if it’s really worth it. Should you spend the time and money you have pursuing this certification? The answer is most certainly “yes, yes you should!”

But why? Let’s start with discussing the main reasons people need Salesforce consultants in the first place. When you know these, you’ll see why getting a certification to become a consultant on all things Salesforce is a smart move.

1. Companies Need Consultants’ Insights

Why does any company hire any consultant? For key insights and perspectives that they don’t have in-house. As a consultant, you might visit a company full of people who basically know how Salesforce works and how to use it for their day-to-day business. But are they really getting the most possible out of this CRM system? Is it delivering a good ROI to them? This is something that you as a Salesforce consultant will be able to do for them.

This is the first and most valuable service you’ll be able to offer. CRM systems are increasingly important in modern business, but large numbers of companies are failing to use their features to their full potential. Many systems are still new to companies, so a consultant with their elevated knowledge is like gold dust.

2. Salesforce Releases Many Updates

One of the factors behind the success of Salesforce since its initial launch back in 1999 has been the company’s grasp of how rapidly the business environment around the world is changing. That being the case, the company has become known for its rapid release of new updates, patches and tweaks that allow their system to adapt to changing circumstances. There are usually so many updates that only those the most experienced and familiar with the Salesforce system can really appreciate them.

This is where consultancy comes in. For a business to really understand how Salesforce is changing as it updates, a consultant can offer unbeatable know-how. They can create simple communications to explain updates in terms that team members can follow, as well as create presentations to explain these updates and train team members in better understanding Salesforce’s “culture of updates.”

3. Strategy Building

Besides just getting a company more cognizant about how they can use their Salesforce system, a consultant can help the company leadership to form a more unified and effective CRM strategy. Based on what they know about the company, its goals, its team members and their current level of Salesforce knowledge, consultants can make plans to train and develop further skills within the team, create a unified and considered approach and turn the CRM plans from vague ideas to solid blueprints for creating success!

4. Decision Making

A Salesforce consultant can use their knowledge of the system to quickly provide assistance to company managers, team leaders and others when they’re struggling to make decisions. This is especially true for those times when managers and leaders are without reliable information or reports of what’s going on. When information is piecemeal and inconsistent, it can be much more stressful when it comes to taking tough decisions. A leader might take very difficult and painful decisions that are actually not necessary when you are aware of the bigger CRM picture. That bigger picture can be provided by a Salesforce consultant.

5. Building In-House Expertise

Finally, companies want consultants on Salesforce because they badly, even desperately want to nurture in-house talent and skills on Salesforce. A consultant with considerable skill in training others is a useful tool to that end and they will likely pay handsomely for the privilege.

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