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Are your invoices going unpaid by clients and customers? There are a number of ways that you can address the problem, and one of them is to go back to the drawing board.

Believe it or not, your invoice design has a lot to do with when you're getting paid and if you're getting paid the right amount. If you're not offering professional invoice design, you're leaving more loopholes than you might think.

We're here to offer some key graphic design invoice tips that will improve your rate of on-time payments and keep the money rolling in.

Read on for five ways to improve your invoice graphic design.

1. Brand Your Invoice

If your invoice looks like it could have come from any business, you have a problem. Make sure to include your branding (ie your logo, company name, and branding colors) so that clients know exactly who the invoice is from. Oftentimes, clients are receiving multiple invoices for different services all of the time and if your invoice isn't branded, they could lose track of what services you're seeking compensation for.

2. Itemize Your Invoice

Make plenty of space on your invoice to itemize your payments. People love to dispute a lump sum when they don't understand how you arrived at that figure. By itemizing your invoice, you cut down on the time spent negotiating for non-negotiable figures.

3. Define Your Rules Clearly

When is your payment due date? What happens if people don't pay on time? Your invoice needs to set clear expectations and if you're being vague about the rules, you can't expect clients to be straightforward about following them.

(In other words, if your invoice ends with, "Please pay for our services promptly," you need to make a change. Include an exact date and list your late payment fee as a specific percentage or dollar amount.)

4. Include Gratitude

It might seem silly, but expressing gratitude can go a long way. Your clients came to you for a service and chances are, you're thankful for that. Include a line in your invoice template thanking clients for their patronage or loyalty.

5. Use Professional Invoice Templates

If you're not a graphic designer, don't sweat it. Not everyone knows how to put together an invoice that looks professional and gets the job done. Fortunately, you can use a branded invoice template to put together a design with ease.

Which Graphic Design Invoice Tips Do You Need to Implement?

If you're having trouble securing payments, it's time to utilize some of these graphic design invoice tips. If you're missing any of these key design factors, use an invoice template to put together a more complete and functional invoice. Then, sit back and watch as clients start paying for your services in a timely manner!

Looking for more ways to improve the way that your business does things? Take a look around for marketing tips, entrepreneurial inspiration, and more.

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