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  • Written by Nina Wayne

As a writer, I'm always concerned with a significant question. How do I protect the rights to my writing, written work, and stories, so that no one makes it their own? That is why I have performed extensive research on this puzzle, and found amazing solutions to my problem.

Today, I will let you know how you can protect the rights to your writing, as I did. Below, I’ve listed five easy-to-follow steps that can help you protect your piece of work so that no one steals it from you. However, if you can't write yourself and want help from a professional essay writing service, WeeklyEssay is the solution.

1. Understanding Your Rights

The first step towards your goal is to understand what rights you have for your writing. Some things that you must know regarding the copyright law and protection of your writing are:

  • You can’t copyright an idea or concept

  • You can copyright any of your written work, whether published or not

  • There is a tiny possibility of someone stealing your unpublished work

2. Securing Evidence For Your Work

Now, you must collect all the written evidence of your work by creating a paper trail. That will serve as solid proof that your writing is yours. That encompasses a copy and all the existing drafts of your writing like a script, novel summary, story outline, etc. After you’re done that, make sure you send this evidence to a colleague or friend you trust. In addition, you must archive all your documents and emails that are related to your writing.

3. Copyrighting Your Writing

Once you know what your rights are and create evidence for your writing, you can go on to the next step, that is, copywriting your work. For this, you need to register your writing with the Writers Guild of America (WGA) or apply for a copyright from the United States Copyright Office.

Registering with the WGA is a great option when you have completed your writing – for instance, your script or novel – and you want to protect it. Thфе will create a public record that will assert your authorship for your work. Moreover, the US Copyright Office registration is an excellent tool in case you have a legal dispute over claiming the rights to your work.

4. Placing A Copyright Symbol

After registering your writing, you can put a copyright symbol on it. However, this is not necessary – it only adds an extra layer of protection to your writing. You can put this symbol on the top, right-hand side of your document. The format should be Copyright ©20XX by (your name).

However, you must know that a few publishers and editors think that putting a copyright sign on your writing is a novice move and looks amateurish. The majority of publishers and editors know the rules of protecting your work, and that your work is protected as soon as you write it down on paper. Therefore, they feel that the copyright notice is futile.

5. Sending Your Work To Reputable Publishers And Editors

Submitting your writing to eminent publishers and editors will protect your work. Make sure you don’t approach publishers who produce low-quality materials, like eBooks and self-publishers. Moreover, steer clear of editors who ask you to sign away the rights to your writing immediately. That's because these people can steal your writing, and repackage or resell it at once. Big and reputable publishers and editors don't do that because they don't want a legal hassle on a stolen work dispute, or a bad press on their reputation.

So, these are the five steps that give you the insights of how to copyright your work, and how to ensure the safety of your writing. Be sure that your writing will be safe when you follow the above-listed five rules. And, if you don’t reside in the US, make sure you know the copyright laws of your country since they can be different.

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