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Vitamin patches can be described as transdermal patches that are loaded with vitamins. They are often used in place of vitamin pills or capsules. While a majority of people still take their vitamins orally, vitamin patches are considered to be a better delivery system for the human body.

How Do Vitamin Patches Work?

Vitamin patches are placed on a clean patch of skin. The vitamin supplements travel through the different skin layers until it finally reaches the bloodstream. The blood circulation helps make sure that the vitamin reaches every part of your body. The vitamin supplements in the patches have a special time-release formula so that the dosage is released gradually over time.

When the patch is applied on the skin, the body heat helps activate the formula, allowing the transition to take place. The supplements reach the bloodstream in the capillaries. This form of medicine delivery is known as Transdermal Delivery since the nutrients or medication is absorbed via the pores on your skin.

Why Are Vitamin Patches Better Than Vitamin Pills?

When a vitamin pill is swallowed, it passes through the liver before it finally reaches the gastrointestinal tract. Even then it has to withstand intestinal acids in order to do its job. Based on your diet, ingested vitamin pills can stay in your stomach up to four hours before the digestive process begins. During the period, the pills are continuously being degraded due to the strong digestive stomach acids. In fact, studies have shown that only 2% of the original vitamin dose manages to survive the digestive process and get assimilated by the body.

Vitamin patches tend to work differently than traditional vitamin pills and capsules. The vitamin patches are applied directly to the skin. The vitamin supplements are then gradually absorbed by the skin. It passes through the different skin layers before finally reaching the bloodstream. This process is a lot faster and efficient that the ingesting vitamins orally. In fact, a lower dose is required while using a vitamin patch, since almost the entire dose gets assimilated by the body.

Different Layers In A Vitamin Patch

The vitamin patch consists of the vitamin supplements along with a special time-release formula that allows the vitamin to be absorbed by the skin gradually. Here is a closer look at the different layers that make up the vitamin patch:

  • Liner: This protects the vitamin patch from any damage while it is in storage.

  • Formula: This consists of the vitamin supplements along with the special time-release formula. Most of the patches use less than five ingredients in their formula.

  • Adhesive: The adhesive is responsible for making sure that the patch remains in place on the skin till it is time to remove the patch.

  • Membrane: The membrane is in charge of releasing the supplement from multilayer patches.

  • Backing: This layer protects the vitamin patch from the external environment

Advantages Offered By Vitamin Patches

  • No Side-Effects

Since pills are made with a large amount of non-active ingredients, they can cause different side effects and negative reactions. By using vitamin patches, you can avoid side effects and allow your body to absorb only the required vitamin supplements. After all, side effects can have a negative effect on your overall health as well.

  • Easier Supplement Administration

Many people find it extremely uncomfortable to swallow pills and capsules. This prevents them from taking vitamin supplements that can help improve their overall health and wellbeing. It is essential to buy vitamin patches from reputed and reliable companies like PatchMD because quality and safety are vital. Vitamin patches can be applied to any part of the skin with the least bit of difficulty. It has made the lives of many people around the world a whole lot easier.

  • Useful For Forgetful People

If you are one of those people who have always had trouble remembering to take their vitamin pills every day, then vitamin patches are a great solution. The patch can be applied and then removed as per the dosage. You can find vitamin patches that last between twenty-four hours to seven days. In fact, patches are becoming very popular among seniors as well as people suffering from illnesses like dementia, Alzheimer’s and so on.

  • Lower Dosage

Compared to orally ingested vitamin supplements, the dosage of supplements in vitamin patches are on the lower side. This is because almost the whole dosage reaches the bloodstream when the supplement is absorbed via the skin.

  • Only Active Ingredients

Only 30% of vitamin pills are absorbed by the digestive system. The remaining 70% is made up of non-active ingredients that are responsible for binding the pills together so that it can be consumed safely. In many cases, these non-active ingredients consist of hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, mercury, lead, titanium oxide, PCBs, talc, cellulose, riboflavin, magnesium silicate and so on. Studies have shown that the more ingredients in the pill, the higher the chances for allergic reactions. Patches do not require these non-active ingredients, making it a lot safer to apply.

Vitamin patches have been designed to deliver the supplements more efficiently than traditional pills and capsules. With vitamin patches having fewer than five ingredients, it is not surprising to see how people prefer to use Vitamin patches rather than subjecting their body to a wide range of unnecessary ingredients usually included in vitamin pills and tablets. Vitamin patches have also been deemed to be safer for your liver by medical professionals across the world.

People who suffer from bouts of anxiety often find it extremely difficult to go through simple tasks in life, even ingesting a vitamin pill. In such cases, a patch can come in very handy. Rather than ingesting small doses of vitamin via pills, the patches release the supplements gradually through skin pores. This makes it a lot easier for people who have anxiety.

At the end of the day, it is no wonder to observe that vitamin patches are being preferred by people all over the world. It gives them access to vitamin supplements without any of the disadvantages of the pills and capsules.

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