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Sunglasses make awesome gifts--they’re stylish, useful, and affordable. No matter the season, they’re an elegant, thoughtful way to let your loved ones know how much you care. In this article, we explore the different factors you need to consider when giving sunglasses as a gift. What kind of glasses should you choose? Is form more important than function or is it the other way around? How expensive should sunglasses be when you’re gifting them? Keep reading to find out in our guide to gifting the most stylish sunnies.

Face Shape

Remember that the shape of the sunglasses should complement the wearer’s face and dominant features. Try and consider the general silhouette of the person you’re buying the sunglasses for--if they have a heart-shaped face, then maybe square frames would be a good option. If they have a square jaw, maybe wayfarers would be a good way to go. If you have trouble identifying which glasses suit them, you can look for celebrities with similar face shapes as them and identify the types of frames which they wear.

Another option would be to use the cyber fitting option that a lot of websites have. This software allows you to “try on” sunglasses by uploading a photo of the person who will be wearing them. Upload a photo of your friend and see how the sunglasses fit. Some sunglasses come in different dimensions--try them on for size so you’re sure the sunnies will be an awesome fit.


Does your friend love to surf? Does your girlfriend think that Audrey Hepburn is the pinnacle of glamour? Does your dad love Top Gun and other action movies? Lifestyle is a big factor when it comes to giving sunglasses as a gift. Try and put yourself in the other person’s shoes--consider what they would find useful. This also helps you determine which features are the most important when you’re choosing designs.

Rubber frames with protective lenses might be best for someone who is very outdoorsy. On the other hand, horn-rimmed frames with gold trimming might be best for your friend who is an art professor. Multi-coated, UV-protection lenses are great for someone who spends a lot of time in front of the computer. By taking all these things into consideration, you can make sure that you’re not just buying something fashionable--you’re buying something useful.

Personal Style

Different designs have different vibes--this also applies to people. Everyone has their own unique personality that shines through in how they carry themselves. Regardless of recent fashion or function, each person has their own kind of style. Some people are more relaxed, others are more sophisticated, while there are also people who are more quirky. Try and see which colour palettes, patterns, and styles your loved ones like to go for. If you find something that matches their personality, you can be sure that they’ll love your gift.

For your friends who enjoy neutral palettes and silhouettes, you can get them a pair of classic brown wayfarers. If you have a friend who loves to dress it up with florals and bold stripes, why not get her some oversized shades with a bright-coloured frame? Choosing something based on their personal style also sends the message that you care--you’ve thought about what they like and didn’t simply choose whichever option was most convenient.

What They Already Have

One of the worst things that could happen is if after considering everything about your loved one, you realize you did get them the perfect pair of sunnies--so perfect that they already have them. This step doesn’t take a lot of effort but it could save you a lot of money and embarrassment in the long-run. Take some time to browse through your friends’ photos on Facebook or Instagram and try to see whether or not they already have the sunglasses that you’re trying to get them.

If they already have a pair of sunglasses you were initially eyeing and you decide to change your mind, don’t feel discouraged about it--there are a lot of online stores that carry unique designs. Great Southern Sunnies, for example, has Valley’s Dead Coffin Club line. This collection takes the cat-eye and totally reinvents it by thickening the rims and furnishing it with an elegant glossy finish. Once you do your research, it’s hitting two birds with one stone. You’ll find that you have a lot more ideas and you’ll also be able to avoid getting a gift they already have.


We’re not gonna lie--a lot of sunglasses have pretty hefty price tags attached to them. This is especially true if you’re buying a designer pair or if you’re splashing out on a new release. It’s very important to know exactly what your budget is for gift giving. Once you determine this, it becomes easier to narrow down what range of sunglasses you’re willing to buy. Remember to factor in other expenses too like gift wrapping, a card, and delivery.

We spoke to Josh from greatsouthernsunnies.com.au who mentioned that designer sunglasses like Le Specs can be priced as low as $50 dollars and go all the way up to Prada and other brands at $400+ dollars. So there are stylish designer sunglasses at all price points.

Buying gifts online really comes in handy when it comes to budget considerations because a number of online stores offer great prices for very elegant sunglasses. With some research and careful planning, you can definitely find a pair that’s worth every penny.

Buying sunglasses as a gift is a very thoughtful, unique idea. It’s one of those small tokens that you can put your personal touches on by choosing the right colour, shape, and frame. Your loved ones will be very happy to receive an elegant pair of sunnies that they can wear on vacations and also crack out when the sun gets too hot in the city. Sunglasses are the perfect marriage of fashion and function, giving you panache while also protecting your eyes from the glare of both sun and screen. That said, there are a number of factors to consider that can affect whether or not your gift achieves its full potential. Keep these top tips in mind to make the most of your gift-giving experience!

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