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Maybe you are in PPE, and you know a lot about it. If not, it’s the basic equipment to protect you while you are on the worksite.

If you want to get a great pair of PPE boots, you should visit overlookboots.com/collections/lacrosse and find amazing equipment. 

But, there’s more to it than it meets the eye. 

PPE and Fashion 

While this may not have been your first thought, PPE is quite fashionable. The thing is that you can wear PPE on various occasions, events, and venues and still look amazing. 

This may come as a shock. You would think that work boots exist for working. But, the thing is that PPE, and especially PPE boots, have a long tradition in fashion. 

If you listened to punk music or ska music once in your life, you know what this is about. The work boots were the go-to footwear for a bunch of alternative subcultures from 1940 until today. Even today, people love wearing Doc Martens boots, as well as other brands of PPE boots. 

So, below you’ll find some fashion tips on how you can pair up Lacrosse boots with different styles to look amazing, have a great look, and rock on! 


Of course, the first association had to be work. But, not any sort of work. You don’t have to wear PPE boots only for worksites, oil rigs, and woods. Instead, you can wear them even to the office! 

Just imagine. It’s a cold day outside, and you know you’ll get a latte on the way to work. It’s not that cold that it’s snowing, but the temperature is pretty low. You have a pair of sneakers, but they won’t cut it. It goes the same for the shoes. 

Yet, you have a pair of Lacrosse boots. You pair them up with jeans, a sweater, and a jacket, and voila! The new office combination has arrived! 

Certainly, you can pair it up with other items and apparel to get an even more stylish look. Make sure to wear them during colder months to get the most out of that powerful insulation. 

Or, maybe you are a person that thrives in a harsh environment. 


Another great thing about Lacrosse boots is that they are great for hunting. When you get together great insulation, good soles, firm grip, and reinforced protection, well you get a Lacrosse boot. 

So, it’s only natural that you wear them for outdoor activities such as hunting. Lacrosse boots keep you warm, you can walk in them well even during rain, and they’ll protect your feet from sharp objects in nature. 

Also, they are rather durable and made from breathable materials. As you are going to walk for hours at the time, you need comfort. Thus, the only thing keeping you achieving the best results is your prowess. 

Make sure just to get the boots in the color of your regular hunting ground. While they are all green, brown, or some other darker color, it’s good to get that extra camo for your hunting trips. 

And, speaking of trips, there’s another thing to consider. 


Travel is a necessity that’s never going to die out. People love to travel, whether it is recreational travel or a work commute. Either way, in the last 15 years there’s a whole niche of people dedicated to travel. 

You may probably follow a few travel blogs as well. And, you know the drill. There are dozens of great-looking photos, smiling faces, and great destinations. But, traveling isn’t about photos. It’s about being able to move from one spot to the other, without much expense on your health and pocket. 

So, you want to get a pair of footwear that’s going to serve you well. Lacrosse boots are great for urban as well as off the grid areas. You can wear them from city to city, woods, forests, hikes, and even fishing. 

Their durability and quality materials add up, taking your mind off your necessities and allowing you to enjoy travel more. 

Wedding in Texas  

Some trips are more worthy than the other. And you want to witness a traditional Texan wedding. It’s going to be a lot of hats, bowties, and cowboy boots. But, what if you don’t have a pair of cowboy boots? 

Well, you can just go with the Lacrosse boots and blend in with your surroundings. Just think about all the fun, alcohol, and song that’s going to be passed around. Smiling people and a great time, that’s what it is. 

But, you can’t do it if you don’t have the right apparel. Even more so, if the wedding is somewhere where there are a lot of sand or dry areas. Lacrosse boots are comfortable on all types of soil and in all climates. 

And, that’s especially important if you love to have fun. 

Outdoor Rave 

Yes, you can live without going to raves, but you should visit them just once. And, you should do it for the heck of it.  

Raves are giant parties where there’s a lot of loud music and funny-dressed people. That’s the whole point of it. But, for your rave apparel, you need good footwear. You are going to dance for hours, or at least stand for hours. 

You need to have something that’s going to help you be firm, resistant to various fluids, and resistant to different environments. Lacrosse boots can do just that. Aside from their amazing look, Lacrosse boots look amazing. 

And, there you have it, that’s how you can implement PPE boots in your daily style. 

Own It  

You just have to make it your own. 

Don’t fret to try something new. 

You don’t know how good it looks until you put it on. Give it a try.

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