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As a young professional, it is but typical for you to want to make the best decisions regarding your investments. It is always the best feeling in the day to see where your hard-earned money is going rather than spending it on things whose value and worth you won’t even remember. Apart from investing in the usual assets like real estate property and stocks, remember to invest in your health, too.

Health is wealth, and indeed, there is much truth to that adage. Without good health, there is no way for you to continue working, earning an income, and enjoying life. Hence, when looking for investments to venture into, you shouldn’t neglect the value of investing in health insurance. While you are young, there are excellent reasons for you to prioritize saving on health insurance even before you turn 30.

That said, here are the reasons why you should be getting family health insurance before that big 3-0:

You Can Avoid Expensive Medical Costs

Paying for your health insurance premiums may be expensive, but this is actually a more affordable option than paying for your medical costs upfront. That these costs can even decrease depending on the share of your employers for your insurance premium. There is no denying the fact that medical expenses are very costly, and this is where the benefits of family insurance come in.

You might still be at the peak of your health before you reach your 30s. If you are already married, then all the more reason for you to purchase health insurance. Children have more delicate health than adults do, and you want to be prepared for any medical needs that may arise for your kids. If you are unmarried, then you have your parents to think of as well. If they don’t have medical insurance of their own, then it is about time for you to get one for the whole family.

You Can Be Offered The Best Price

As mentioned above, insurance premiums may be expensive, but there is a way that you can pay for lower costs. One of the best ways for you to do so is through purchasing family health insurance while you are still young. The general rule with any health insurance premium is that the earlier you buy it, the cheaper it is as well, allowing you to enjoy an aged based health insurance discount. The price difference can increase significantly within a short span of five years. Hence, take advantage of this time to purchase a health insurance policy while you are young, and without so many financial responsibilities to take care of yet. If you wait until you are older, you might find it more difficult to afford the policy as prices will naturally go higher.

In addition to being given the best offers, you can also get more comprehensive benefits when you apply for your health insurance plan while you are young. How so? You still wouldn’t be paying for a scope on pre-existing diseases. Hence, there can always be coverage on these possible diseases, should they arise. You are generally giving yourself so much more savings when you purchase your family health insurance before the age of 30.

You Can Focus On Getting The Best Quality Treatment

When you do not have insurance to cover your medical and health expenses when the need arises, you will only be at a loss as to how you are going to afford your treatment. Chances are, you might settle for lesser quality treatment, mistakenly believing that this is better than having none at all. Of course, there is no point in settling for less when you can go for the best.

The earlier you get family health insurance, the better the options that are presented to you, not to mention the price levels. More importantly, should a medical emergency present itself, you can then focus on your treatment and find the best quality treatment option available, as you will no longer have to worry about the price. Remember that when you have a medical emergency, worrying about the bills and the expenses can aggravate your emotions, as well as your deteriorating condition.

You Can Start A Healthy Lifestyle For You And Your Family

When you are still below the age of 30, you might think that it is too early for you to start a healthy lifestyle. This is a common misconception as there is no better time to start living a healthy life than the present, more so for older members of your family, for whom your family health insurance will be most beneficial. Most health insurance policies offer free annual check-ups or a total coverage on your yearly executive check-ups, making this a good starting point for you to double check the status of your health, and that of your family’s.

The benefits you can gain from a yearly check-up cannot be emphasized more. Because of the sedentary lifestyle that is common among young professionals, lifestyle diseases have increased as well. Examples of these include cancer, heart and lung conditions, and high blood sugar or diabetes, which should prompt you to make corresponding changes in your lifestyle.

You Can Enjoy Tax Deductions

Generally, insurance plans and premiums are considered as investments. Hence, for most taxpayers, this can mean a deduction on yearly tax payments. For a young professional, any amount you can save is already one big load off your pocket. To pay for lesser taxes also means that you can put in some more money for your family’s health insurance, which makes this a win-win situation.


Health insurance is important. There is no other way to put it. Remember that the costs of medical and health treatments are rising by the day. Hence, you must endeavor to put yourself on a practical and secure situation whereby you have health insurance prepared. There is no way for anyone to determine when a medical emergency will strike, hence you have to be sure that you are in tip-top shape when it comes to your health. With these reasons and so many more, here’s to hoping that investing in your health becomes a priority for you now more than ever.

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