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As the world’s most traded financial market, Forex trading presents a wealth of opportunities for those who can harness its inherent volatility. Foreign exchange trading refers to trades that take place in the foreign exchange market. While most traders understand that forex strategies are vital when navigating markets, they often oversee the importance of Forex trading courses and platforms. Some foreign exchange traders fail because they try to run before they can walk. People in Australia are passionate about Forex trading, but it doesn’t mean that somersaulting into Forex trading will do them any good.

A period of technical education followed by Forex workshop and 1-on-1 coaching is what makes traders market ready.

In this post, we will discuss ‘foreign exchange strategies’ to help you prevent disasters and maximise your potential in the foreign exchange market.

Before you trade, there are three critical elements to consider-

1. Selecting a Forex broker

2. Selecting a trading platform

3. Adopting a solid currency trading strategy

There are two common types of Forex trading strategies one can choose from:

1. Technical Analysis

2. Fundamental Analysis

Here are the breakdown and analysis of both technical and fundamental analysis FX trading strategies.

What is technical analysis?

Technical analysis looks at the potential future price movements for predicting the patterns that combine result in financial gains. Traders who rely on technical analysis make use of a variety of different graphs to make market predictions. Although the technical analysis looks at the present intrinsic values, it seems at Bollinger bands to see how rapidly a prove changes and what happens when it drifts off of a projected guideline. Technical analysis helps in determining the longevity of the band before it comes back to its original status. According to the market experts, the tighter the band, more likely a big move is happening in the future.

Advantages of technical analysis:

• The most revealing way to evaluate foreign exchange

• Can be done quickly

• Technical analysis is well-established

• No slow stochastic guesswork necessary

• Suitable for all investors

Disadvantages of technical analysis:

• Hard to understand and master

• It requires your predictions to be accurate and reliable

• Technical analysis is also thought to be subjective

What is fundamental analysis?

Fundamental analysis allows the traders to analyse the market and measure currencies based on an array of different underlying factors. While technical analysis looks more at price movements and patterns, the elements of fundamental analysis are often much more calculated.

When trading using fundamental analysis, the investors look to the intrinsic value of a currency. This is done by reviewing the economy and industry conditions, including the state and management of particular organisations in an economy. Moreover, the traders also look at expenses, liabilities, assets, and earnings of an economy, to get the better idea of what could happen soon.

Advantages of fundamental analysis:

• Investors are immediately provided with all the information

• Investors can look at economic indicators and make moves based on their expectations

• The structural analysis puts a strong emphasis on patterns based on the calendar

Disadvantages of fundamental analysis:

• Takes long to evaluate

• The process can be too long, tedious, and time-consuming

• Investors tend to leave the process if the expectations are not met. This can harm the overall operation of the investment

Which strategy is right for you?

It is hard to tell which strategy is right for you because each has his/her own ideas for what is best for Forex investing and when it comes to investing, there is no real wrong or right answer.

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