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Construction firms will be tied to tight deadlines and will be continually responsible for onsite health and safety. Communication is, therefore, important for the smooth running of a project. It’s safe to say that no construction project can successfully be completed if the communication lines are poor. Communication is needed for teamwork, cooperation, collaboration from one end of the construction line to another, and productivity.

Unfortunately, miscommunication is common in the construction site. When this happens, mistakes are bound to happen, such as the project getting delayed. This is only the beginning of the many problems that can happen to the construction site simply because communication was poor.

To ensure you embark on a hassle-free project every time, read the following advice on how to improve communication on a construction site.

Hold Frequent Meetings

Every construction site will need a flexible office space, such as a shipping container, to arrange the paperwork and hold meetings with staff.

It’s important to regularly hold meetings with various employees every week, which will confirm the project's plans and what is expected of staff onsite. It will also provide a space to develop meeting notes, which must be circulated to all members of staff.

Regularly meeting with your staff can also help solve problems while they’re still at an early stage. This also provides an avenue for the staff to give ideas, based on their hands-on work as to what can be done to improve.

Find out more about flexible office spaces at NZBOX.

Utilize Digital Technologies

Since technology is advancing at a rapid pace, you should use these to your advantage. If you can automate what could’ve otherwise been manual tasks, then do so. Mobile devices have made it easier to connect with all employees on a construction site in one quick swoop.

Encourage all members of staff to download construction communication apps, such as Raken, which will allow site managers to instantly send safety warnings or other news directly to all employee phones. For the higher-level officers or office staff, there are now various project management software that your team can use to your advantage. This can help speed up communication and transmission of information from one line of the project to another.

Ensure All Employees Can Understand You

As we live in a multicultural society, not all your employees may speak English as their first language. Every employer has a responsibility to ensure staff onsite are safe and protected, which is why they must provide the appropriate bilingual signage and training. It might also be beneficial to hire an interpreter at work to translate instructions and health and safety warnings.

Encourage Communication

In addition to holding both formal and informal meetings, encourage employees to continually communicate with one another. For example, they should provide each other with updates on a project to remain on schedule, or state if they unexpectedly need to leave the site for a short or long period of time. As a result, it can create a more productive, safer environment for everyone.

Convey Messages In Different Ways

Some employees will absorb information better than others. Reinforce warnings or news by conveying a message in different ways.

For example, you can provide instruction verbally by changing the language you use, and you can also position onsite notifications and diagrams to reiterate your message.

Don’t just stick to one means of communication, in thinking that everyone can immediately understand this. You need to put yourself in the shoes of everyone in the construction site–from those with the lowest position to your boss. Make it easy for everyone in the team to visualize all the data and information that you’re giving out.

If there’s any communication that should also be spread in bold and with much importance throughout the entire construction duration, you can post this on areas all over the site. That way, it can be absorbed by everyone. Common examples of these concerns would include safety hazards. For a supplier of fence wraps where you can print these infographics, visit fencewrap.com.au.

Provide Positive And Constructive Feedback

The construction industry can be demanding, so your staff must meet the expected standard. It’s important you iron out any employee weakness before they slow down productivity, which is why you should regularly provide both positive and constructive feedback to individuals. This will help an employee to identify where they are going right and wrong, and praise may also help to increase employee morale.

Stick To The Facts

Never overcomplicate messages onsite. It’s important to only stick to the facts so employees know what is expected of them. Going into too much detail or projecting your personal feelings onto staff can negatively impact a project, as it can lead to miscommunication or confusion. Employees can then focus on the task at hand to remain on schedule.

Final Word

Communication is very important in the construction industry. This is essential for projects to go smoothly. More so, when you’re dealing with something that can greatly and adversely affect the safety of people, this is never one for anyone to take for granted. Poor communication can often be the root of a lot of mistakes, which is something that you should avoid in construction.

In all your construction projects, you should always strive for success. One key way to achieve this is through good communication.

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