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Car Removals Melbourne

A surprisingly common question is whether someone should Sell their Car or simply store it in the garage when the driver won’t be using it for a while. Well, the answer depends on many things including how long the car owner is planning to store it and any costs that either option might involve. On the bright side, if you ever choose to sell your car there are reputable companies such as Cash for Your Cars Melbourne. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve got some tips on how to decide which is the better choice: to Sell Your Car or Store It.

Consider How Long You Will Store Your Car and the Costs Involved

There are many reasons why you might not be driving your vehicle for a while such as working overseas, long-term holidays and more. For shorter terms such as 2-3 months, storage is perfectly fine. You may need to jump-start the car and check its liquids. After all, a healthy car is driven at least weekly. Much more than a few months can lead to more permanent or expensive damage. Long-term storage of a car is a bad idea, especially if you’re still paying it off. Not to mention storage fees can see you spending hundreds of dollars a month.

Is Your Car Worth the Damage that Can Come with Long Term Storage?

Think about it – the longer your car is in storage, the more corrosion and deterioration will occur in it. Is your car’s value worth the inevitable costs that will occur in repairing it? Or is it better to simply sell it and not have to worry about it anymore? Your car’s age, condition, make and model will all contribute to this. If your car is old, damaged or simply low on market value, it will certainly be much easier to sell now before more issues occur. If that is the case, you can sell it for Instant Cash to reputable Cash for Cars companies such as Cash for Your Cars.

What Does Your Car Mean to You?

Market value aside, one thing to consider is sentimental value. For many people their cars are more than just a vessel to get from A to B. Are you willing to pay the costs of long-term storage to keep your set of wheels? Your car may also be extremely important to your lifestyle – whether it be for driving your kids or filling it with camping gear.

Another Option: Loan Your Car to Friends or Family

You probably get the importance of an actively driven car. If you don’t want to sell your car and the idea of storing it doesn’t sound any better to you, then another option is loaning your car to friends or family. You can charge them a monthly fee which can also help to counter your own monthly car payments. However, this option also comes with its risks: the driver may not be as careful a driver as you and end up crashing it. If you choose this option, make sure you choose someone that you really trust.

Sell Your Car for Instant Cash with a Cash for Cars Company

If you live in Melbourne and you want to sell your car a fair price soon than later, there’s no better option than genuine Car Removals Melbourne companies such as Cash for Your Cars. You can Sell Your Car for Cash this very day in less than an hour and so don’t need to worry about taking a long time to find a buyer. This is especially good for someone who will be going overseas soon.

Contact Cash for Your Cars today at 0410 726 726 / 0449 222 425

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