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People can be moving due to many reasons. Some of the most common ones are financial opportunities, improved family environment or a lifestyle change. Irrespective of the reason, there are a lot of things that you need to consider while moving interstate.


The foremost thing is whether you can afford the move or not. The second important thing is the expenses associated with the moving process along with the cost of the home.


A study says that Australians are willing to move to improve financial and lifestyle situations. The differences across Australian states is astonishing, you could witness a new climate, way of living and subtle difference in the culture as well.


Let’s get started with the tips to move interstate on a budget:


1. Cut down on what you want to take


Cutting down on the volume of household goods is an efficient way to slash moving rate. Interstate moving company determines moving rates based on the weight of the shipment. Get rid of everything that is extra, either donate them or raise extra funds by conducting a garage sale.

Follow the below rule while decluttering:

Donate or sell anything that you have multiples of

Dispose or donate things that you haven’t used in years

Sell things that don’t hold sentimental value

Donate or discard that doesn’t have a function


2. Get moving estimates from Interstate Removalists


You may choose a company that is not good when you are tight on the budget. It is recommended not to go to a company that offers a cheaper rate. This increases the probability of wasting money on repairing your valuable that may get damaged due to lack of their expertise. You should hire a removalist company that offers value for money. This way you don’t have broken items that eventually save you money.


You can get moving estimates from multiple moving companies, using which you can compare prices and the services offered. This will help you save money and find the right removalist that suits your needs. You can also use free cost estimators available online like move my stuff interstate cost estimator.


You can also take advantage of additional service offered by a moving company that can save you money and time.


Many companies in Australia also provides cleaning and storage facilities

You can also ask them to pack your belongings so you don’t have to take time off work

You can contact them to get packing materials at better rates

They can help you transport your vehicle and pet when you are traveling by flight


These benefits make it important to research about the service before hiring an interstate moving company.


3. Plan your Moving Day Wisely


Planning your moving day can keep your cost down and cut off your time. The cost of moving is based on various circumstances. The distance covered, the value of transportation and additional features contributes to the cost. If you can select your moving day then we recommend you to stay clear from peak season as interstate moving companies charge you higher at this time. In Australia, peak seasons are public holidays, school holidays and Christmas holidays.


And if you have to move in the peak season then ask moving companies for sourcing quotes as they may vary from company to company. Also, choose a moving vehicle that has insurance commend at the new place.


4. Packing in a Smarter Way


You should pack carefully to save money and maximize the space. Use container-like objects to store smaller objects like suitcases and bags.

Keep small and sturdy objects like pans and pots in a large sturdy object like furniture.

Pack heavier items at the bottom and smaller on top to balance the box.

You can use clothes like woolen materials, scarves or cotton clothes to pack your fragile belongings. They can also be used to fill the gaps in the packing boxes. This helps you pack your items and clothes together.

Use newspaper and magazine to cut down the cost. You can shred them into pieces and roll them when packing items. Don’t use newspaper for your valuable and fragile items.

You can keep electric cords in sandwich bags.


5. Time to prepare your new home


You need to stay organized as you don’t want to arrange last-minute storage for your items and then pay extra for their accommodation.


Few things you need to make sure before moving are:


Give your new location a small visit to locate basic amenities and inspect your surroundings

Notify the tax office, electrical commission and important contacts about the change of address

Inform your utility providers about reconnection and disconnection

Give your new home a proper cleaning before moving

Make a floor plan to make sure your furniture fits


Following these tips will help you complete your interstate move within the budget. Interstate move doesn’t have to expensive but you need to be organized and make sure everything is coordinated and planned before the big day comes.



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